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Will there be riots for Epstein like there was for Sandra Bland?

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    I don't think so. I remember a little about Sandra. It did look suspicious to me. What accusers have to try to achieve is a plausible motive against those in charge of her. I don't remember one, though I could have missed it. Was she murdered? And was it just because someone in the police department didn't like her?

    With Epstein, no one likes a child molester, the Left only likes Democrat rich people, but I doubt they protest Epstein's death because the Democrats are distancing themselves from Epstein's pro-Democrat stance and donations. If the Democrat leadership doesn't tell the activists to protest, they probably won't.

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    The FBI is allegedly investigating Epstein's death, although he died in a federal prison under the control of the federal Bureau of Prisons. Both entities, the FBI and the federal Bureau of Prisons, are under the control of the Trump administration. The findings will be interesting. Who knows how the public may react, depending on how the investigation is conducted and what is found.

    Bland died in a county jail in Texas after being arrested during a traffic stop. A wrongful death lawsuit brought by her mother was settled for $1.9 million and the arresting state trooper resigned after being charged with perjury. The whole incident was very strange.

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    I wonder why people didn’t find it extremely worrisome and odd that Bland “committed suicide” YET it is supposed to be so suspicious that someone who marks on his neck - from just a week or so ago, from trying to commit suicide - brings about such concern. There was no concern that someone like Bland who had never attempted suicide - or it certainly wasn’t reported - suddenly just took her own life. There is nothing surprising or strange in the Epstein suicide. There is plenty regarding Sandra Bland.

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    The outpouring of concern over pedo Jeffy is really moving, it seems he has tugged the heartstrings of this forum.

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