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My voice is weird?

Hi, I’m a 15 years old girl and my voice is really weird.

Basically I sound like a 5 years old boy with a high pitched voice.

I take singing lessons and I’m actually not that bad at singing but when I hear my voice I literally cringe all the time.

Is it gonna change a bit when I’m like 20?Maybe it will become deeper?

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    Your voice will absolutely change - both because you're still growing until you're at least in your mid 20s, because women's voices naturally get deeper with age and because through singing lessons you are learning to control your voice.

    It is very common for 15 year olds to still have a child-like voice. This is one reason why conservatoires often don't accept singers until they're a bit older.

    Oh, and your voice will always sound weird to you when you hear it back (it does for everyone) because when you speak you're mostly hearing through conduction through your body, rather than through the air when you listen back to it.

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    Weird means uncommon. You might be uncommon, but so was Einstein, Newton and so am I and millions more. Don't worry, your voice is beautiful on it's own way and it's not something to be embarassed about.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You are still growing

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    Have you passed puberty yet? If it's going to change it should change before you're twenty

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  • 4 months ago

    Keep taking voice lessons, and maybe add voice acting? Your voice could be your superpower — look at Yeardley Smith (Lisa on The Simpsons)!

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    Maybe it will change, but if it doesn’t you could do great things with your voice. There are lots successful people with voices just like yours. :)

  • Bill
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    4 months ago

    You might consider a career as a voice actress. Women often portray young boys in cartoons because their voices don t change as they get older. You might know that Nancy Cartwright plays Bart Simpson.

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