Computer Quit In The Middle Of Cloning Now Can't Boot And Monitor Does Not Work!?

Cloning to new SSD and monitor went out so now windows 7 won't boot and monitor won't come on. I tried media recovery but hard with no monitor. On board graphic, i did all troubleshooting mem, cables, power, cleared cmos. How do i fix boot ini on main drive if monitor won't come on, im sure it is because it won't boot monitor don't work.


I tried using Windows 10 installation to i could repair the boot record but no go, well i think no go monitor don't come on. Can i take my main drive out hook to another computer and fix the boot record on it through other computer. If it is just the booting problem making the monitor not work, wouldn't a windows installation disk make the monitor come on. I can't get into bios or anything with no monitor. Any help would be great. It i a desk top intel board. Thanks

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  • 4 months ago

    Access boot device menu and choose the "old" drive, not the SSD to boot from. If that works you may be able to set it as the default boot drive in the BIOS settings

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  • 5 months ago

    I tested it with another power supply and the CPU fan does spin with power button. The CPU fan was caked with dust really bad so wondering if there was a heat problem which damaged the CPU and or motherboard.. I am planning on testing with graphics card if not that do you think probably motherboard. I did test ram by moving ram to different slots and using one stick in different slots. I appreciate your help!

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  • David
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    A failed clone itself shouldn't cause a no boot as the souce drive would be unaffected only the destination drive. Even with a failed hard drive the screen should still work. More likely you have a hardware problem with motherboard, RAM or PSU or a bad monitor. How could you test the memory if the monitor doesn't work?

    You need to start over, try using a known working monitor or a flat screen TV with a PC input, or test the old monitor with a different computer to see where the problem is. Once you know where the problem is you can work towards a solution


    1)Some Motherbaords do not generate beep codes, (they may not be fitted with an on board speaker)

    2) How did you test the Power supply? the only real test is to replace with known working good one

    2) I have seen cases of faulty RAM causing a black screen and no boot, if you have two sticks of RAM try running with one stick and if no different swap them round.

    3) Are you getting a CPU fan spin when you press the power button? If no then this points toward faulty motherboard or PSU

    4)If you have access to a spare Graphics card then use that but don't buy one specially.

    5) try connecting a small speaker to the on-board speaker pins and see if you get any beep codes

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    • jeff5 months agoReport

      I could try and put a video card in as it has on board graphics now, would that be worth a shot?

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