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Why do libs support rapists and pedophiles who want to invade restrooms and rape women? Now we cannot even call security on these freaks?

All a rapist needs to do is claim to be a transwoman and he can get moved into a woman's shelter so he can rape women in the shelter, claim to be trans and he can go inside a woman's locker room, disrobe, and women cannot do a thing because he is "trans" until he starts raping them. Rapists have even claimed they were women in prison so they could be put into a female only prison.


This is a list of things that HAVE happened.

Update 2:

Karen White, born male, sentenced to prison for raping multiple women, requests transfered to a women's prison and wins... proceeds to rape female inmates after transfer

Christopher Hambrook, pretended to be a transwoman to gain access to a woman's shelter so he could rape the women in the shelter.

Katie Dolatowski, born male, attempts to rapes one girl in a supermarket bathroom and films another using a cellphone

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    yeah ok, you better just stay in your home and do the world a favor

  • Most people who are transgendered just want to go to the bathroom in peace. There is far more violence committed against transgendered people than committed by them. How many transgendered people have you encountered in a public restroom? You are transphobic for no reason.

    3 people. And i know of many more than that who have been murdered on account of transphobia.

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    False premise.

    Citation for your stupid "list" is needed.


    Wow a whole group of 3 all of whom had a long history of committing sexual violence. One of whom "claimed" to be transexual but still presents as male. The pattern of sexual violence was entrenched before transitioning. In fact, sex offenders are disproportionately likely to be heterosexual men.

    The simple truth is that trans people are far more likely to be the victims of sexual and physical violence than to commit such crimes.

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    More idiocy from the idiot. Good one. But see, all of these things you are afraid of don't happen, just like the long list of other things you people are afraid of don't happen.

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    This is way to stupid to even take the least bit seriously. You are nothing but a fool.

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