Could I ever afford this?

I'm 2 years away from graduating high school in Scotland. I really REALLY want to go to university in america. I come from a very low-income family. A majority of my expenses will have to scholarships/grants, for international students and working during study. I am currently doing quite well in school, for reference in my exams I sat this year I got 4 A's and a C with legit no revision. I am sitting my SAT's next March and I am studying my *** off for them. This is something I really want and I'm determined to work extremely hard for. Also, I know this isn't going to be easy at all, but I guess what I'm asking is is this worth trying for? Has anyone got ant tips or helpful advice? Thanks

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  • 6 months ago

    If you're doing 'quite well', you're unlikely to get enough scholarships to cover the huge costs of doing so; and working options are very limited on a student visa.

    A more affordable model might be to see if you can find a Scottish uni offering a year or term abroad

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  • drip
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    6 months ago

    Oh kiddo this isn’t going to work

    The total cost to attend an US University is $40,000-$70,000 USD per year. And that can easily be higher depend on the university.

    There are very few scholarships/grants for international students. Getting some doesn’t mean they are going to cover the total cost of attending. Just a fraction of it. Besides fees, tuition, and text books you will to pay for

    Dorm supplies, school supplies, personal expenses, laundry, health insurance (which will NOT cover all your health/medical expenses) transportation to name a few.

    Work study, few international students are allowed. You must work on campus for less than 20 per week and your are not guaranteed 20 hours each and every week. Campus jobs go fast.

    You would need to apply, be accepted, prove you can pay , then apply for a student visa.

    Paying for the SAT exam and for application fees to each US university, for ghost of a chance that will have the funds to attend is wasting money

    Check universities in your country that have a study aboard program to an US university.

    My daughter spend three months over the summer in the UK. She took three classes at a university there and did some planned tours. And explored by herself

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  • 6 months ago

    Your plan will not work. US strictly prohibits working by foreign students. You must prove you & your parents have sufficient funds for all school + living expenses + return transportation to your country of citizenship to apply for a student visa. Expect to need a minimum of USD50,000/yr for 4 yrs for a lower-cost school in a lower-cost area of the US. No money = no visa. Financial aid for foreign students is very scarce & extremely competitive. You cannot count on getting any financial aid from US schools as most financial aid in US is federal govt funds & restricted to US citizens & legal permanent residents.

    There are a few private universities with extensive endowments which can be used for foreign students. However, these are extremely competitive schools, e.g. Yale, and you have no realistic expectations of acceptance at such exceptionally prestigious schools. Exceptional schools only consider extraordinarily high achievers, both in & out of the classroom.

    You need to go to university in Scotland. Good schools at low or no cost for you. Perhaps by the time you are ready for grad school you & your parents could have money to pay for that, or you could work & save up for it.

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  • 6 months ago

    Given that Scottish university is 100% free for you, studying overseas would be nuts unless your grades are good enough to make the cut to Yale, Princeton or Harvard which would also be free for you because they offer 100% financial aid to anyone whose family makes less than $65,000 a year.

    However, that ship sailed when you did no revision and got a C this year. Nobody gets into one of those universities with that kind of blot on their record. The kind of people they offer places to work hard every year and never brag that they could have done better.

    But there are some world class Scottish universities. See if you can get into one of them.

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  • 6 months ago

    I think you need to do a lot more research. University is different in the US than in the UK. In fact, it is cheaper for US kids to go to the University of Edinburgh or Glasgow than it is for them to go to a public university in their own state in many cases. The cost for an international student is going to be high -- like $50K per year. As an international student on a visa, you won't be able to work -- at least legally. Whether or not you would qualify for any need-based aid is something you'd have to check with each university. As for merit-based academic scholarships, again, you can certainly apply but it is unlikely that you'd get all that you need. The cost of applying is also something to consider. If it is you dream, you and your parents need to decide if it is even worth the cost of apply and see what happen.

    A couple of things you need to know. The cost for out-of-state (and that includes international) students for 2019-20 is closer to $45K. Tuition is $29K, but the doesn't include trade, transportation, books, fees, room or board. You have to live in a campus dorm your first year. IF you get into a sorority, there are dues to the sorority as well as housing and meal fees. Yes, it could be less than the dorm for your sophomore year. There are scholarships. I know kids who got a full ride there -- but don't think it is only going to cost you $28K.

    I wish you luck.

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    • PART 2- although this is excluding room&board as my plan would be to stay in sorority housing as id love to join one, even with dues and housing fees it still works out cheaper than living on campus. Also it is illegal to work off-campus but on an F1visa, it is perfectly legal to work on campus.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Im going to say no. You will need money lots of it. You would get turned away at the airport if you have no means to support yourself. With such good grades you could get a job here in the UK easily save money and then go.

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