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Why don’t the authorities do anything about bullying in schools?

I was bullied for years, the teachers did nothing and now I’ve got to deal with the trauma of it still affecting my day-to-day life. The authority figures pretend to care but they can ruin your life as much as they like without consequences because everyone automatically believes them. The teachers even tried to blame the bullying on me!

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    I hear you. "Authority figures" in the Church, in the Boy Scouts, Jerry Sandusky, Dr. Larry Nassar etc., have all let our children down. Nobody wants to tell or when the kids do tell someone in authority, the authorities sweep it under the rug. And that's how things go sideways, fester for years until these kids grow up and are finally strong enough to go after their rapists. I was just watching the story about men in the Church in Guam sexually abusing boys for decades. We as a society owe it to our children to listen and do something when this happens. Some states have recently passed laws that sex abuse crimes don't have a statute of limitations. That's a good start. Sorry this happened to you.

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    Authorities don't do anything about bullying in schools, because authorities can't do anything about bullying in schools. Especially if the bully is underage.

    You have to do something.

    Bullies abide by prison rules.

    So crying to the teacher is the same as ratting out to the prison guards, which will only make the bullying worse.

    Kids have been bullied for centuries.

    You need to learn how to take care of yourself and stop asking others to do it for you.

    Best thing to do is avoid the bully, and ignore the bully.

    Don't be alone keep together with your friends.

    Bullies single out the weak. Let the bully know you are not afraid to fight back with all you got.

    Yes you may be get beat up, but the bully does not like confrontation and will move on to an easier target.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Quit whining about your childhood and get on with life.

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