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Brigh asked in HealthMental Health · 8 months ago

Assertive vs bullying?

I had 2 awful supervisor who use to always like screaming at me. They were 2 different jobs. They like seeing my face reaction as I suffer from adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression. They didnt pull me to the side, since it would be easier for me to deal with since I had social phobia, they screamed at me infront of everyone then go to another coworker and started laughing. One of the things they screamed at me for if I make a mistake putting potatoes on the wrong part of the plate and putting the karat on the other. A mistake everyone make but I am the only one who get screamed at for it.

When I called them out on it they told me they were not screaming and never screamed they were being assertive. They used the same excuse. I never reported it to the higher ups in fear of being terminated. I felt I should have done that.

They both were from the same area. Not sure if they know each other but they act alike. Yes 2 different jobs. I quit both of them. I'm working at a much better and higher paying job now. I make more money now than both of those jobs put together

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    Not sure what the question is here. You got bad managers, they didn't know how to properly discipline their staff. It's not bullying but they shouldn't be yelling at you in front of other people which isn't being assertive. You weren't being assertive either, you could have learned to stand up for your self a bit. You could have reported their behavior to HR or their boss.

    At least you've moved on.

    I only had one job where a manager liked to yell at his staff. I left the job because I moved too far away to commute to the job.

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