Why did target switch me from part time to full time when I spefically asked for part time bc of school.... what do I do?

Well I got the job ... was really excited. I was sitting next to the HR when he was filling out availabilities. He put minimal hours 20 & maximum hours 40. When he did that I mentioned to him once again I’m only PART TIME . 15-25 hours is the max . He told me it was totally fine that they don’t give anyone full time anyway. I said cool. I go to school 5 days a week as a nursing student. It’s very very hard to juggle nursing school & a job but bc target claimed to have ck exible hours & promised I wouldn’t get more that 25 hrs I went through with it! My first week I got 25hrs which was fine! Last week they gave me 30 and I still kept my cool, this week they gave me 38 hrs. I got so pissed bc I cannot handle that much. I called the store to tell them my situation that I could only work 25 or less hours and they went OFF on me. They claimed that I told them I could work full time bc it states 40 hrs and I told them well he told me that it was fine bc they wouldn’t give me all those hours anyway & they told me if I don’t come in for the shifts I’m fired. Of course the guy who put 40 didn’t remember having that convo with me. It was so rude. I’m so close to quitting it’s unreal but idk what to do!? I feel like it was a set up

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  • Judy
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Will probably be less when they're not so busy - right now they're swanped for a couple more weeks with back to school shopping. Not long after that, though they'll be busy with Christmas shoppers. so won't quiet down a lot until January.

    • lauren6 months agoReport

      That’s fine but I didn’t sign up for full time. They have millions of applicants that signed up for those hours... to change my hours without my permission is NOT ok. Back to school isn’t my problem! My School should’ve been on their mind but it’s almost like they hate the fact I even go.

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  • 6 months ago

    What do you do?

    You wake up from your fantasy world.

    Target can put you 5 hours a week and you are still going to work 40 the week of during back to school, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Target can put you are 40 hours a week and you are going to work 10 in January.

    -- That's what happens in retail. If you don't like it, don't work retail

    If you want to work a consistent schedule while in nursing school, get your CNA and work in a nursing home.

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    • A Hunch
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      6 months agoReport

      "I’m not gonna sign up for part time then be ok with full time without my permission" - then don't get any job, because an employer NEVER has to pay attention to your availability.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Talk to the store manager & explain what happened. Be very polite & apologize for the misunderstanding.

    In the meantime, ask if you can get others to take some of your hours. (As long as they do not go over 40 hours)

    A set up makes absolutely no sense. It was not a set up.

    It might mean you have been doing a good job or they are short handed or both.

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