WS: What are your thoughts on The Four Horsemen?

With Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham.... And their manager... J.J. Dillion.

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  • Candle
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    6 months ago
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    To me they've always been the quintessential lineup. Ole never fit the role in my eyes because he came off a bit too blue collar. Luger and Sid were too green (and arguably got worse with time post-NWA). Windham represented their future at the time, looked the part, wrestled the part, and the perfect pick for a young talent to be groomed by Arn, Flair, Tully, and JJ.

    Tully goes under the radar a bit with modern fans, but he was a great promo, he just happened to put himself in the shadow of two of the greatest promo guys in Ric and Arn. He and Arn were a great tandem, and I think his promo work in particular with JJ goes underappreciated. I mean the guy was the face of a territory for a reason.

    Arn Anderson similarly could stand on his own two feet, and arguably was the reason Flair got over with the crowd in the first place. Ric was brought in as a 'cousin' to the Andersons at first and that put heat on him out of the gate. Arn was a great wrestler, maybe better than all three of the other mentioned in some regards, a great promo, and just a tough SOB. He slid into the role of Enforcer well, but I would've loved a Rock/Farooq style power struggle between he and Ric. Arn was loyal though, and in a lot of ways he was the glue that not only kept the Horsemen on top, but brought them together in the first place.

    Flair is Flair. I don't have to explain what makes Flair awesome.

    The only other incarnation that I thought was remotely good on paper was the Benoit/Malenko era, and Hennig was also a part of that as well, but it didn't stick for long. If that lineup ever gelled longer than swerve booking allowed, it might've surpassed the OG.

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  • David
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    6 months ago

    A good group. My favoriite Horsemen group was the original, with Ole Anderson instead of Windham.

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