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What impact would my rulings make in the USA, if I were on the Supreme court?

Ruling number 1.

The freedom of speech is not afforded to minors under age 18 who are present in K-12 school and the student must obey school rules, school culture and school functioning and protocol.

And the that the Juvenile under age 18, must obey the rules set forth by those Adults who are tasked with the care of the child.

Ruling number 2.

Minors under 18 who are in need of medical care, may Override a parents REFUSAL to consent...

But cannot, under any circumstances, be given an option to equally override a doctor's reccomendation, NOR the consent from the parents.

Ruling number 3.

The freedom of speech is not afforded to SPLC registered hate and extremist groups and their members.

Cities, states and counties and the Federal government MAY proceed with LIMITED speech codes, designed to curb and punish disorderly conduct in PUBLIC only.

Ruling number 4.

The only heritage that the Confederate flag represents, is a heritage of Civil War related slavery, and pre-civil rights era apartheid.

Not anything honorable, respectable, nor decent nor worthy of commemmoration.

The freedom of speech does not extend to symbols or the language of hate.

Ruling number 5.

The 2nd Amendment, in light of America's track record of violent crime involving guns, seriously needs countermeasures, and is now inactive with no replacement.

It is hereby suspended.

Cities, States, Counties and the Federal Government may now commence banning guns

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    Very little, but I cannot say that I find they totally wrong.

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      Most of them are very one sided and do not take into consideration the working class.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I heard my cases in the streets.


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  • 5 months ago

    None, because by deciding how you would rule before you hear the case, you have made yourself ineligible to rule in the case. The Supreme Court would decide how to rule by taking a vote of whomever on the Supreme Court has not done what you did just did by posting this. You would have not be eligible to rule because you said how you would rule before you heard the case.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    it would make america a totalitarian communist country

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