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So I want to get a car any suggestions (2015 - now)?

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  • Toruko
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    4 months ago

    My 2008 purchase cost $6,000 factory new

    and in 2019 a new DR Model retails for

    under $7,000. 40 mpg. Top speed 90 mph.

    Street legal but also does jeep roads.

  • Fred
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    4 months ago

    The most reliable cars are one of 4 brands, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru or Honda. These cars have good reliable long lives and their 4 cylinder cars will generally last as long as 6 cylinder cars. Those who say you must own a big 6 or V8 to get a decent life out of a vehicle are well out of date as back in the 1970s 4 cylinder cars generally had poorly manufactured engines to keep the price down. The Japanese started to make high precision 4 cylinder motors that have proven to be very long life and very reliable.

    Stay away from Nissans especially the ones with those CVT automatic transmission as they wear out way too early as they are cheaply made. They say European brands are no where as good as they used to be and you generally have to get them serviced by the dealer as they use strange tools to service them that you have to buy very expensive tool kits to service or repair. By doing this they force you to get it serviced by their dealer at a highly inflated price because the normal mechanic cannot get the tools to do it. It is a way to gouge the stupid customers that buy their cars which are generally less reliable than the cars I have recommended.

    In my country American cars do not have a reputation for reliability. Jeeps are especially poorly made and many have complained to motoring writers about how their Jeep fell apart and broke down regularly. There is a mechanic in America who runs a You Tube channel called "rev up your engines". He said he always buys used Toyotas that have not travelled far as most of the purchase price depreciation is lost in the first few thousand miles. He says buying a low mileage Toyota means you have saved thousands over the price of a new one and they are such a reliable car. I find this guy gives very good advice so it may pay to check out some of his you tube videos.

    So from my experience stick with the 4 brands I have recommended as they are the ones likely to give you the best long term run.

  • 4 months ago

    Toyota Prius. It is AMAZING on gas and modern. Getting a used one from a dealership usually comes with free oil changes for life too.

  • 4 months ago

    Honda or Toyota's. Civics, Corolla, or a Honda Fit imo. all 3 are KNOWN to be reliable and live well past 100k miles. the fit itself is fairly cheap as well ugly af imo but a car is a car. the fit is fairly roomy too like you sit in the back seat and for a small car it has a LOT of leg room.

    in a car you really only need basic features. power steering, AC/heater depending where you live ( in my state driving without AC year round is hell ). to me thats all that you really need imo the most basic trim tbh. i used to be good at parking and reversing but since i drove with a back up camera for a long time i relied to much on it now i suck. i can still reverse out of stalls and what not but im more iffy due to blind spots at my house when reversing into the road.

    if you want to go cheaper then a fit check out the toyota yaris it's cheaper but with cheap your settling for less as well. i'd go with a 2015 model if i were you due to depreciation, insurance costs, maintenance fee's must be cheaper i'd assume.

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  • david
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    4 months ago

    Honda is a good bet overall, but there are many other good choices. Check Consumer Reports and stick with brands and models that test well and are reliable. Don't even consider those which don't.

  • 4 months ago

    There are a few thousand makes/models/trim levels/year versions that meet your requirements. Can't you narrow it down a bit so that someone here can actually give you an answer?

  • 4 months ago

    Hondas and Toyotas are among the best values for reliability and lifespan.

  • 4 months ago

    Anything but a Hyundai. They are not a car to trust.

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