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I feel like the communication at my company is bad. Is it? Or does it sound normal?

-In the break room, no one really talks to each other. Everyone pretty much sits at a different table.

-Whenever people have questions, some people send Skype messages, some email each other, some call each other, and walk around to each other. Why not have a system set up? People walk like 100 feet just to ask a question that has a short response. I don't get it.

-Some people send really direct responses and others send polite responses. For example, some people never say "hello", "thank you", or "please". Others say "hello", "thank you", and "please" all the time.

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  • edward
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    6 months ago
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    Communication where i work...excellent i guess, per department. I work in peds emergency, all the nurses and reg clerks and doctors and UA’s have pretty solid communication. But we don’t talk to the nurses in adult emergency

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  • GB
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    5 months ago

    I like to relax with a book during my break at work. Maybe your workmates just want 'me' time.

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