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My dog immediately licked my baby nephew who's just one month old. Do dogs find babies adorable by doing that?

Our dog is a female shih tzu.

The parents don't allow our dog to approach my baby nephew yet because they are scared that our shih tzu might do something bad to him. However, one time, she had the opportunity to reach him when no one was guarding her properly.

Because of that, I thought she might find my baby nephew adorable upon licking him (or maybe kissing him) immediately. Does she find him adorable similar to how we view puppies adorable?

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    Most dogs do have a nurturing instinct, but not all dogs. They do understand that the very young are helpless and need protection.

    I've known large dogs that don't listen to their humans, semi aggressive and distrustful to strangers, but throw in a newborn infant or baby under 22 months in the room with the same dog, the dogs attitude goes from guarding the property and not listening well to submissive, approaching the person with the baby while down crawling on their stomach, licking their jowls, whining and being as non threatening as possible. Getting smaller and smaller as they approach wanting to see the baby.

    Our Rotti was abused before we got him, my adult children had trouble handing him as he was so head strong and demanded he get his way. If he didn't want to go somewhere your choices were to drag him or pick him up then take the chance at being snapped at.

    When my daughter brought home her newborn baby the Rotti sniffed the curious thing she had in the car seat, he immediately backed up to his corner, laid down and waited. Once my grandson was brought out and we were taking turns hiding him the dog managed to silently move from the corner to the middle of the room. His nose going crazy he inched his way forward looking for approvel or correction. When we called the dog in to meet the baby he hesitated and finally came in (not the freezing with every step like an unsure dog). He sat at my daughters feet and gently put his head on her lap, waited for permission to smell and see the baby. When she lowered him down for Dave to meet the dog gave several sniffs and started licking the baby's feet and legs then backed off, laid across my daughters feet and refused to move.

    First night home so the baby Dave refused to move away from the bedroom door where the baby was. Every time the baby cried he went to get me or my daughter excitedly telling us the baby was broken. (The door was gaited off from all the dogs)

    When the baby started crawling he blocked all the other dogs from coming into the room. Body language alone he stood proud and ready Dave decided he was the true protector of the baby no matter what.

    Once the baby started trying to walk Dave became his live doggie walker, letting the baby fall on him, pull his ears, dig in his nose. The baby could do nothing to irritate the dog. Funny thing is seperate the dog from the baby he went back into his old stubborn I don't want to listen to you attitude, selective hearing and a hard pull on leash.

    Dave and my grandson grew up together, they played outside, my grandson never istened to don't sit on the dog, don't dress up the dog and typical kid he never listened Dave would come in for dinner wearing a cowboy had and six shooters around his waste with the kid being the sheriff.

    All the dogs I have had have adored infants and especially babies, it's once ghey become toddlers the dogs become less trusting because of them and their sometimes unpredictible and jerky unexpected movements it does make some dogs nervous or it startles them, they many bite or growl in response to their perceived threat.

    When we get a newborn litter or puppies under 5 weeks al our dogs automatic at become aunts and uncles, washing the pups, helping with feeding by standing by when they are bottle fed or learning to eat mush mix. They teach them manners, not to bite and will help raise them. Older pups are not as well tolerated by a dogs since they go from helpess and scared to obnoxious and energy balls. Many adult dogs cannot take the scratching, tugging of ears, chewing of tails and ears and being dominated and climbed upon by pups once they are up and moving well on their own.

    Most dogs are respectful to the very young babies and very old humans but not all, not sure why it's just what I've noticed in the last 55 years of owning and working with dogs.

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    I have "handled" over 50 dog bite cases. Today's lick can be tomorrow's bite.

    You ARE aware of your legal liability, right? My dog LOVES children, especially babies, BUT she is NEVER allowed that close to a child, never.

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    many do, yes ..........................................................

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