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If soft porn/porn is sex then is a graphic provocative nude pose not involving sex still just a nude and not porn? Or is that an opinion?

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    It really depends on the context. If the photo was created for masterbation than it's porn. If it's created as an artist reference, it's not porn.

  • so
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    4 months ago

    Everybody has different definitions for what porn is. Many people think any nudity is porn. So, porn becomes a meaningless word. Even if the photo shows people having sex, it could be called art and another photo that shows implied sex or just nudity could be called porn.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I think it depends on context, legally. Some nudes may be art some may be porn.

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  • Rob
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    4 months ago

    It really just boils down to the intention of the piece and the subjective view. Obviously a nude can be sexually explicit or it can be tastefully provactive or even distastefully provocative for different reasons.

    If an artist says something is art it is art. Whether or not it is good or bad art is another matter and something that can only be subjetively judged on those terms.

    There are tons of 'provocative graphic nude pose[s]' that are sold as porn and there are tons of provocative graphic nude poses sold as art.

    To put it in (perhaps too provactively graphic) perspective- When I was a horny teen studying photography, I used to jerk off to the work of Howard Roffmann or Clifford Baker or Robert Mapplethorpe. Often that was so explicit the only difference to porn I could get online was that it was in black an white.

    Sometimes it was really about marketing porn as art which is not to say that porn isn't; sometimes it was the case that certain graphic provocative nudes were intended to have more poetry to them or a deeper meaning. There was even one piece I remember of Mapplethorpe's which literally was a photo from a porn mag and he had reprinted it and aggressively given it a sort of inverse censorship so that the parts that are normally censored were the only clearly visible bits- that's art and it's also pornography.

    I conclude that we can only use our own subjective judgement on a case by case basis of what is and what is not porn.

  • John
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    4 months ago

    Explicit sex in graphics means pictures of people actually in the act of some sort of sex. In the broader sense for all of your questions - everything in life is about sex. This is important to understand. This is much of why the lines are so hard to draw when it comes to categorizing things. A woman with luscious red lips eating an apple in an ad is using sex to sell apples. People become rich to attract mates, even if they don't understand that.

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