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Were Americans the only slaving owning nation? Otherwise, why is it the only country that gets talked about in regards to slavery?

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    No, they were not the only country that practiced slavery and they were not the last country to allow slavery.

    In the 1800's the US was not even the major importer of slaves:

    Portuguese America (modern Brazil) 38.5%

    British America (minus North America) 18.4%

    Spanish Empire 17.5%

    French Americas 13.6%

    British North America 6.45%

    English Americas 3.25%

    Dutch West Indies 2.0%

    Danish West Indies 0.3%

    The Spanish were the biggest users of slaves. They enslaved the native population and also imported them from Africa.

    But slavery predates the 1800's and at some point almost all the nations (there might be an exception) practiced some form of slavery.

    Even today slavery is found in the USA by the way. It isn't called that but it amounts to the same thing. People work long hours and do not receive adequate compensation to provide for basic human needs.

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    Certainly not. Lots of countries had slavery in the past, and sadly to some extent the problem continues in the present.

    Having said that, slavery was widespread, legitimized, and large-scale in the American south prior to the civil war. There were nearly 4 million slaves in the US in 1860.

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    Today's form of racism against Black Americans is not whips, chains, and a hanging. It's the perpetual double-standards and separation between them and us. It's a subtle form of racism against both White and Black Americans - where the White people are oppressors and the Black people are the oppressed. This mindset is taught only to divide us by the very people who claim not to be racist.

    We have politicians to thank for much of this. The same slavery scabs get pulled off over and over again so some politician can get more votes. That's the real reason why silly things like reparations get brought up in political debates. Without this constant division we might see ourselves as just people who happen to be of a different race. We might get along and that would be very bad for special interest groups that benefit from dividing us.

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    Probably because it's more Whites here acting so baffled as to why Blacks are here and still wanting to preserve their racist past.

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    Slavery existed throughout history and everywhere there were people.

    Slavery still exists in some African countries - open slave markets in Libya.

    The remarkable thing is that most nations, including the US, have abolished slavery.

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    America is the most talked about nation. It has been rare that a race of people have been enslaved for generations, and it is particularly interesting in the U.S. as it is a nation built on principles of freedom and self determination. Slavery being so out of step with that lofty idealism is bound to be studied without end.

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    Slaves were owned in many countries. None of them were really built on the back of slavery like the US was. Naturally also in the US, slavery int he US is most relevant to us.

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      I have heard that the country was built on the backs of the Irish workers in the North and the Chinese workers out West. I have even heard that everything that slavery built in the South was destroyed by the North in the civil war and then rebuilt w/ more efficient labor systems.

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    Slavery in America was held over from British colonial times. Pay up your reparations, Britain.

    The slave trade was conducted mostly by British ships!

    If they grew cotton or tobacco in England, they would have had slavery as long as the US.

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    No. It isn't. And, it's not the only country that is talked about owning slaves. Just because YOU haven't heard anything, doesn't mean that people aren't talking about it.

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