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Jay asked in TravelAfrica & Middle EastLebanon · 10 months ago

Do you believe there are hundreds or even thousands of crypto-Jews still in Lebanon since their presence got mysteriously extinct after 1976?

In central Beirut there used to be a large Jewish community of about 2000 members. During the civil war In 1976, the entire central Beirut falls in ruin and the Jewish community who concentrated in that area disappeared. Where could they be. Might have they melted among the others and became like as secret society or crypto-Jews?

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  • 10 months ago
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    A lot of Lebanese Jews left the county after the civil war like many of Muslim/Christian Lebanese.

    Indeed the're still a good number that I can't confirm the numbers still in central Beirut, but what I can confirm that all their assets are still for them, unsold and un-transfered to anybody in "Wadi Abou-Jmil".

    Sure because there is a lot of migrants and displaced, they may take over (since years) but when the time comes, it will be return to its original owners, unlike the zionist state, they take, transfer all properties for them and throw the owners outside their properties.

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    • Karmen10 months agoReport

      I haven't heard a single trace of their presence in the countries where they immigrated. not on social media, not in politics, not in public. their trace can not be found or heard about anywhere in the world.

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