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How much is 1TB of SSD vs. 1TB HDD in storage space? How do they compare?

The 1TB SSD Operates in Combination with:

1. 8th Gen. Intel Quad Core i5-8250U

(1.6GHz up to 3.4 GHz, 6MB Cache)

2. 16GB DDR4 RAM

Would writing novels, storing pictures, and other work documents / files use up one or the other faster?

I don't understand obviously, so excuse my dumb question. Thanks!


The laptop I'm looking at buying has 1TB SSD and I wanted to make sure I correctly understood how much 1TB of SDD in storage space is.

Update 2:

Is one less than the other or are they actually the same? Thanks again!

Update 3:

*same in that sense

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    the size is identical, which is why they both say 1TB.

    the difference is in the speed. SSD is waaay faster than HDD. it works fundamentally differently.

    however, you won't notice a difference when just saving and opening text documents. and also, SSDs don't tend to last quite as long as HDDs. due to the way they work, everytime you edit a file, it wears the drive out a bit. because of this, SSDs are used primarily just for the Windows drive, and another HDD drive is preferred for storage of regularly edited files.

    most laptops only come with one or the other, but a few actually come with both.

    if you can't afford both, just get an SSD one, but be sure to back up your files to either a flash drive or external HDD. whichever you prefer.

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      be sure to never let it defragment the SSD drive. they don't need it, and it will just wear out the SSD faster.

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    Technically they're the same. In the real world however, it's almost always lesser and as how less will depend on how the device was constructed and what self-maintaining software is installed to it.

    With writing novels, an HDD will perfectly do. You don't need to be fast anyway. Besides being cheaper, HDDs lasts much longer than SSDs.

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    1TB = 1TB. It's like comparing a pound of lead to a pound of feathers.

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    SSDs and HDDs are both getting cheaper all the time. At this point the cost is about two to one SSD vs HDD.

    The advantage of SSD is that it's faster. If you're writing (word processing) that speed won't make a big difference in retriving/saving files. You might not even notice it. The real advantage of SSD is to put your operating system on it so the computer boots from the SSD, so it boots in less than half the time.

    A 1tb SSD these days is about $100. A 1tb HDD is about $50. However, a 500gb SSD is about 50, and I don't know if you can even buy a 500gb HDD these days.

    I should mention that the disadvantage of an SSD is that each memory cell can only be written to so many times. In practice this doesn't seem to be a problem. At work we have SSDs that we've been using for a couple years and we haven't seen the problem come up yet.

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