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Horse section: Who agrees with me that something MUST be done to put a stop to SafeSport, before more athletes wind up dead?


I ask this question as a response to the latest situation that has come about as a result of Safesport's totally inappropriate behavior. The USEF has once again given a lifetime ban to one of the most famous athletes and coaches in the sport of show jumping- George Morris. And just like they did with Robert Gage, who committed suicide just under 2 months ago, they banned Morris SOLELY because of unproven, unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct involving a minor.

Update 2:

These alleged "abuses" happened over 50 (that's right, it was half a century) ago, between the years of 1968 and 1972. SafeSport, which operates under the mantra of "guilty until proven innocent", has turned witch hunting into an ART FORM- with the result that two prominent Olympic caliber athletes are now dead. In both cases, faced with the prospect of being banned from the sports they loved and having their reputations ruined, these men chose death.

Update 3:

My fear is that the same thing will happen to Morris- and it certainly could. The equestrian community in this country CAN'T AFFORD another loss, especially not one of this magnitude. And it's worth noting that neither of the two athletes who have already died were EVER GIVEN DUE PROCESS RIGHTS, nor were they ever permitted to defend themselves in a court of LAW, not the court of public OPINION.

Update 4:

The idiots who run SafeSport seem to believe that just because they were created by the US Olympic committee, that somehow gives them license to operate with total disregard for the rights and PRIVACY of the people they are leveling accusations against. And it has started to KILL those involved. The whole situation has revolted me beyond words. I grew up watching Rob Gage and his colleagues- they were the first athletic heroes I ever knew as a kid. And for years, they were the ONLY ones.

Update 5:

And now one of their leaders is dead- by his own hand, no less- because of some stupid, unproven allegations that destroyed his life and ruined his career. I feel the same way about what happened to John Coughlin, the figure skater. I've followed THAT sport for decades too- since I was a little girl. What happened to Coughlin was sickening. These men didn't deserve such an ugly end. NOBODY deserves to be vilified in such a way. They had a right to be heard, but they were never given the chance.

Update 6:

BTW: I understand that the USEF also banned former coach and trainer Jimmy Williams-POSTHUMOUSLY, after he had already died from cancer. They did so on the recommendation of Safe Sport. Williams was given a "lifetime" ban from equestrian sports. How many people do you know of who have come back to life after dying? I can only think of one, but perhaps people here are different....

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    I hope George Sue's the hell out of them. This should have never happened.

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