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How do GPU's favour compute over gaming and vice-versa?

You sometimes see that they say a certain GPU architecture is compute-focused vs. gaming focused. What sort of features make one more compute or gaming oriented?


Like for example, what makes a Radeon Instinct a compute card, but a regular Radeon a gaming card? Or what makes a Geforce a gaming card, while the Tesla is a compute card?

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    lol, the GPU's that are used in these Gaming Cards are failed GPU's that couldn't make the cut for a Firepro or Quadro. The RTX 2080ti uses a dummied down TU102 GPU that wouldn't normally be stable if it was used in the Quadro RTX 8000. This is one reason why real time Ray Tracing was shoved down gamers throats by Nvidia. Nvidia just cuts out those instruction sets that can more effectively take care of the 'compute' related tasks. It's part of the binning process. This is sort of like how Intel cuts the AVX instruction set form Pentium and Celeron processors.

    The other part is Nvidia software locks out some of these Instructions with the drivers.

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  • Aaron
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    There's only two types of video cards: gaming cards, and workstation cards. The latter is "compute-focused."

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  • 7 months ago

    GPU's are faster, and do all of the graphics rendering.

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  • 7 months ago

    most gaming gpu's are in fact a whole computer. They just SHARE the system bus of whatever mainboard they are plugged into to allow pc cpu and the gpu cpu to communicate with each other. They also add CORES and STREAMS which can be PROGRAMMED using High level languages just like a pc cpu can. In fact they are often better than the pc cpu. So almost a whole game can be placed into the GPU memory and have all the compute power it needs it just makes it easier to keep a skeleton framework of the game inside the pc and make the GPU cores do lots of additional work with the data so you dont have to keep transferring more data between the pc and the graphics card, but that means the initial data must be transferred at game start and thats what makes a GPU with Gigabytes of RAM better because you transfer initial data once then manipulate copies of it just inside the gpu alone.

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      That's interesting, but what the difference between a gaming and a compute GPU?

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