Temporary restraining order with lies?

My girlfriend mom filled a restraining order with a lot of lies. She wore that she wants the courts to "approach me with caution because im jamaican and known to be violent. (I'm not even jamaican) she even lied and said that i told her I had a bullet for her daughter and my unborn child. I have a recording with just caught saying that the mother was trying to lie on me because she doesn't exit me involved in just or my babies life. I also have screenshots pf the mother texting me threats and trying to extort me to pay her daughter's medical bills what do I do the judge issued a temporary restraining order i have court august 20th. The paper also says she wanted me away from her daughter and my unborn baby. Because im on drugs and she doesn't want the baby around that. (I'm not on drugs) i never ever threatened her or my ex girlfriend. What do i do

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  • 4 months ago
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    Get a lawyer, do NOT in any way try to contact your ex, and don't miss the court date. Seriously, get a lawyer. A judge will almost always issue the temporary restraining order just to err on the side of caution but you need to be ready to show up in court and defend yourself.

  • 4 months ago

    What do you do? Obey the order until the next hearing and then defend.

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