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Should I give up on my dream?

I’m 22 years old, and ever since I was 16, I’ve wanted nothing but to be a published author. I’ve written three books, and I’m currently writing my fourth. I’ve been working for 6 years straight working on these books, pouring everything I have into these books, and lately, I’ve been feeling very discouraged. I sent out a little excerpt of my fourth book to be critiqued. While I got a lot of positive reviews, I got some bad ones that tore at my heart. I feel like I’m not good enough, like I will never be good enough to be published. I respect peoples’ opinions, but I can’t help but to be heartbroken. Should I just give up on my dream? Am I being stupid to even think I have a chance?

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    if you're not ridiculously talented, and you throw yourself out there right away, then chances are, you probably won't earn enough to make a living. in doing so, your lifestyle would probably end up quite "precarious'. like lets say you make good money for a few months, can pay rent, etc. but then your next book doesn't do so well, and then you're living on the edge for a while *cough* *poor* until things start up again. (and since all writing is, (is) rewriting, then you can't predict when you'll have good stuff and when you won't.

    the problem with art is comparison. i don't think any artist is completely satisfied with their work. and for me personally, when i'm stuck in a rut, i'll just stop for a while, and then start up again. there are so many writers. good and bad. and overall, just lots of competition. especially since you have ebooks. and many many people wanting to be published. and since you don't have a platform, (i'm assuming), then you have to start from the very bottom with tons of other people with different stuff in the same boat as you.

    i'm not trying to be discouraging, but i just think you should be realistic, and have a backup college, a major, a typical career and whatnot. like a desk job that pays rent but won't take up so much of your time, that you won't be able to write. and if things get tough, you're not so dependent to the point where you hate it and don't want to do it anymore (which i can relate to) or to the point where you think your work sucks, and you should give up (when you really just don't have an audience yet, or the one you're looking for---which is the gateway to your sucess). success takes time and hard work, and unfortunately even with that, not everything we put out gets the recognition and interest/appeal that we want. there's so many underrated pieces of work, and overrated too. like pop albums, million dollar splatter paint..."paintings", simplistic romance novels (boy meets girl), etc. or other mainstream things.

    so if your work fits in that category, you'll likely find lots of interested people, but you'd also have to jump in line with the rest of the people doing the same thing you are. but then again, if you put out something original, finding recognition/interest would be difficult, but you'd probably get somewhere if you keep at it. so doing mainstream stuff would get the "optimum" attention you need, and if you start turning things around, and putting out interesting, original content, you'd probably make it somewhere.

    and once you get somewhere, then you can start turning it into a full-time thing. and invest your time, energy, money, or and everything into it, and putting yourself out there. creating a name, brand, or whatever, and form your work into something unique, and original. or even pursuing others and getting them interested. basically, start small and simple. and to answer your question: it would be stupid to start at the top, when in reality, you're at the very bottom. it's not stupid if you go in with a well though out plan and strategy. you won't get anywhere without an audience. (i'll name a few silly examples) like i'm pretty sure ariana grande was an actress on nickelodian before she was a singer. or kylie jenner was already a public figure/internet personality before she put out a makeup palette.

    also, i didn't mention this, but inspiration and obscurity go hand in hand with originality and creativity. so look for something weird, and different. or start diving into different subcultures, genres, etc, and form something from it. if this makes sense..because then your work won't only be original, but would appeal to different people----> (bigger audience--->more success). and if you're stuck somewhere or get sick of doing the same thing, then you'll be able to find something new to spark interest, curiosity, and eventually creativity.

    #1-and once you find an audience (small even), you can start posting small works/themes online for people to read. because you'll get a sense of what people like and want to see more of.

    #2--also, be excited to hear criticism. it's what will make you better at what you're doing.

    #3--experience is inspiration too. you could find an audience from actual people. attend different subculture clubs/groups/etc by having actual people read your work. if they like it, they'll help it get recognized if they share it with other people, or post about it online. (especially if it, like i said, appeals to several kinds of groups)

    #4--read short stories in classes and make a page. stuff like that basically.

    #5--shocking things.. ie, obscene, erotic, uncomfortable, violent, filthy, **things that question one's moral standards**, futuristic, political, controversial, risqué lol.. clickbait will grab people's attention too.

    #6--this is kinda vague, but i'm a teen, and tumblr is pretty dead. or blogging type stuff circa 2009-15. so if there was some forum/site/whatever that appealed to them, you'd get attention there too. there are lots of artists my age too. or teens that also want recognition for their work and would contribute to (this said site) receiving recognition (once it's shared). or by collecting people by making subreddits or something. specified towards not only writing, but music, album art, etc. make sub's on the site. like only it's not dirty. make hashtags but call it something else. create a forum. discover popular websites as inspiration for something unique. write down things you like that you want to incorporate into your own. hold like auctions/contests for different pieces of work. charge money. take like 30% to sell work on your platform. have discounts. profiles, where people can have a chance to advertise their works of of a specific genre to other people who are into it. like they could move their cursor onto their icon aka"book cover", which is whatever image they want it to be, so a pf appears and one could see their favorite book, and what they've written, etc and message each other if they have common interests. not only will you have a bunch of people viewing your stories and open to buying them, but you can charge other people on it too. moodboards are a thing on instagram, so that could be a hashtag too. and lots of people make really good ones that don't get a lot of credit as do writers. i could go on but basically if you think about it, you'll think of other/better strategies and ideas besides these. ideas ideas ideas^

    more importantly, what are you trying to get out of this? like 100k from publications? to have a side thing/something lowkey that you're proud of? you'd be better off expecting the latter, or work to get there first before thinking about a legit salary.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Hell no dont give up! Visualize, analyze, know what it takes... And when the peanut gallery opens it's mouth negatively use it as fodder to tell them to shut the hell up. You can do it.

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  • 11 months ago

    Not everyone likes the same song or food etc thats just long as there are more positive reviews than negative keep going

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  • Binks
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    11 months ago

    I think you write most of these long winded, highly unlikely story posts on this site.

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    11 months ago

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