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Is there a any way to Cheat your Country to winning a FIFA World cup Title? Pretty much like South Korea almost did in 2002?

Basically, I just wanted to know is there a Way for Qatar to Bribe/Cheat all the way to the World Cup Final in 2022, Possibly even win the Title like South Korea almost did in 2002, when Ballack beaten them 1-0 in the Semi Finals to end They're Cheated World cup Run.

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    Yeah you can. It's called banned substances.

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    On a note about South Korea, there were several controversial decisions which went their way during the World Cup. That, however, is a factor in the run of many teams who advance far in the tournament.

    In truth, the "cheating" accusations came from several top footballing nations, whose teams performed poorly in the tournament. I seem to recall several of the traditional favorites failed to get out of the group stage. Those nations were arrogant, and thought other teams should roll over and give up just because of their reputations.

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    Every world cup is rigged for countries with the best TV ratings

  • I suppose it's possible, but Qatar is already on everyone's radar screen. They've all but admitted they bribed officials to get the 2022 World Cup, they've killed thousands to construct venues that will make the Brazil 2014 stadia look well used, and their legitimacy as a football power is laughable. If FIFA has a shred of credibility they'd have awarded the event to Australia (understandable if they don't want to go to the USA or England) which has never hosted a World Cup but isn't a complete sham of a team (they've actually qualified for World Cups, something Qatar can't say). Even the Yanks qualified for the 1990 World Cup (the one before they hosted in 1994).

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