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Why is the news covering the mass shootings so much more after the 2nd one then they were Saturday night with just the one?

After the one shooting only 1/3 of the NBC Nightly News broadcast was devoted to it. Not even a top story recap at the end of the broadcast. Then Sunday Night it was the one and only story with no "other news".

Why was 20 dead only a medium size story and 29 dead is a huge story? Shouldn't both be major stories?

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    A 'disturbance in the force' has obviously been detected and they fear where the next ones might turn up?

    They used to put it down to Summer madness.

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  • 7 months ago

    shootings are common..............but Double Headers are rare!

    and it's a well known fact.........the MORE dead you can claim, the more airtime the story gets.

    20 dead.........was like........Meh...........but 29 dead *combined* --- pushed it to that next level.

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