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Should I pop this huge blister?

So I wore tight shoes and i have a huge yellow blister on top of my foot. It hurts to walk. What do I do? Should I pop it or wait? It's hard to walk. I have to go outside tomorrow and walk so... How many days should I wait for it to go away? Do i pop it? I don't have a needle. Should I put a band-aid over it? How will I be able to wear my shoes to go out? Will a band-aid help ease the pain?

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    Pop implies squeezing it, which is the wrong thing to do. That splits the skin.

    Use a needle or the very sharp end of nail scissors, after washing the implement thoroughly in hot water. Wash the area around the blister and make a small hole in the top of the blister. Sqeeze out the flluid. Put a dressing over it so you can walk again.

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    Feet can be very dirty and thats asking for infection.

    Get shoes that fit properly to avoid future blisters

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    All the first aid stuff says not to pop it. I however, can't stand it so I pop them and drain them. Once that's done I put antibiotic ointment or cream on it and place a band aid tightly over the spot to keep pressure on it to keep it from refilling. Don't pull the rest of the skin off the blister. Change the band aid daily and use antibiotic ointment each time or get the band aids that already have it on them. Spenco makes a blister kit that can be very helpful. Some pharmacies and most sporting goods stores carry it.

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    Never ever pop blisters. You can get a massive infection.

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    just prick it with a pin and left the 'water' inside drain but DON'T take the loose skin from the 'bubble' off .................................................

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