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How is the Shabbat in Israel? Are the Jewish restaurants available or only the Arabs?

Do secular Jews work in restaurants when it is Shabbat or only Orthodox Jews take a completely rest? I thought Israelis could only eat at home or at Arab restaurants. I wish I can visit Israel soon. And this information will help me when I travel. I Will know what I will find. Shabbat Shalom.

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    Outside of Tel Aviv and Arab (non-Jewish) communities, it'll be rather hard to find restaurants open on Shabbat. Essential things will be open, and if you're staying at a hotel they'll be able open; however, restaurants that are run by Jews tend to be closed on the Sabbath. Not all, and like I said it'll be easier to find an open one in Tel Aviv; but, it's something to plan for. Also, there are few people who aren't part of the Jewish or Arab communities in Israel, and if they have a restaurant that'll likely be open too.

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    Arab jews are making Shabbat too whats the point of saying Arab restaurants ? maybe Palestenian restaurants or non practicing Jew restos.

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      And, in pointing out "all kinds of Jews", you actually don't: You point out only the Ashkenazi when more Israelis than not have Mizrahi or other Jewish backgrounds. Still, even the Ashkenazi, per genetic studies, show stronger Middle Eastern influences than European ones, notably pointing to Israel.

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