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Why do you think Andrew Jackson is the GOP and Trump's hero? More for stealing Indian land and sending them on a death march, threatening...?

...the Supreme Court with the army? Or stopping Reconstruction after the Civil War and letting Southern States annul all elections that elected black representatives and them going on a reign of terror and murder to keep blacks from ever voting again?

Update 2:

PS: this murdering, racist, treasonous a***ole belongs nowhere on our money.

Update 3: why is he the GOP's hero today? Think REAL HARD!!!

Update 4:

Jackson is the GOP's hero, not democrats. You know that. You just don't care.

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  • 8 months ago
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    WTF you Democrats are pathetic, you don't even know your own party's history and try and hijack the GOP's, whilst pretend your history is theirs. The first Democrat President was Andrew Jackson. Your party's beloved donkey mascot came from Andrew Jackson, being called "a stubborn jackass," by all the political cartoons of the day, and he responded that he didn't mind being called a jackass, because he liked jackass's because they were hardy work animals. He removed the Indians from their land, and violated Indian-treaties that were agreed to by past presidents like Jefferson in a heinous selfish manner. He was also a slave owner and he murdered somebody in an illegal duel. And he is your party's founding father. Knowing the truth hurts huh?

    GOP, on the other hand, they can say their party's first Republican President was Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln is considered to be one of our nation's greatest presidents because he kept our nation together in a time when the idea seemed all but impossible. And he abolished slavery, the stain on this country's past. He was the Republican party's founding father. The elephant mascot also came from him, because the "Civil War" was considered the "elephant in the room" and during Civil War era, if you were a Union soldier who saw combat and made it out, they called that "seeing the elephant." He was then murdered by a Democrat after he led our nation through the most tumultuous times this nation has ever endured, and kept us from splitting apart, but lost his life for it because of stupid brainwashed Democrats, probably not too different from many of the hatred-filled democrats out there today. All I can say, is thank god we have a Secret Service now, created in 1865, primarily at the time to prevent future hate-filled Democrats from going on rampages to assassinate presidents they don't like. So go read a book and stop being so ignorant.

    Update: I agree. Jackson should not be on the $20 bill. I think they should put a different president on the $20.00. I suggest Teddy Roosevelt, who was a fine Republican, or even his nephew-in-law/5th cousin FDR, a fine Democrat, but he's already on the dime.

    Source(s): Independent/Libertarian
  • 8 months ago

    If it weren't for Andrew Jackson displacing the Indians, Americans wouldn't live west of the Mississippi. How about some gratitude? Latin Americans ought to be proud of Cortez and Pizarro for the same reason.

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  • 8 months ago

    didn't Bill Clinton also have a portrait of "the great populist" as well?

    but that's ok jo.... just keep re-writing reality to make yourself feel better for now...'ll find a way to be a real winner on a real winning team in the real world some day.... I believe in you jo....

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    common name-calling LIB TROLL ****************** ******************

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  • Mike
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    He is a democrat

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    • Smoking Joe
      Lv 7
      8 months agoReport

      Hitler got his ideas from racist white southerners that you still support. Go wave a confederate flag or something then whine about how they were democrats

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