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White French Canadian women (half of the women in Quebec are from the third world) are fat, disgusting pigs! Fact?

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    Is it true that these French Canadian women are half black?? Maybe for that reason they are fatties. It's not only about Quebec, but Toronto is even more worse. There you will find coloured weirdo haired, tattooed, drug addict crazy feminazi women who can only blabber all the time. These crazy women are brainwashed by irrational, leftist media like Huffpost. I believe Canada is the most degenerate nation in the world.

    Please don't blame their for their repulsive behaviour. If they were reared in a proper environment, they could have been different. The only thing you can do is to leave the country and migrate to countries where feminism is not that crazy and women are cool there.

    Go to Thailand, Vietnam, Colombia, Ecuador, Russia and Ukraine. You will be at peace there.

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