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Why do Democrats still talk about a supposed party switch, when that has been so thoroughly debunked?

The Black vote switched in the 1930s with the New Deal. The white southern vote switch with Ronald Reagan. Look at the states Carter won to become President.


And if you are talking about the politicians switching parties, you REALLY have no case at all.

Update 2:

Jeff S, BS you say???

Which states did Carter win???

Update 3:

Jeff S. Do you doubt what I said about the black vote?

Is that BS???

Update 5:

History flunky,

Not then came civil rights. REPUBLICANS AUTHORED AND SUPPORTED the civil rights bills. Ooops. You either lied or fell asleep in history class.

Update 6:

History Flunky, AHhh, the ever famous southern strategy crap. Show me one policy of the Republicans after said Strategy, that was designed to attract racists.

Update 7:

Oh and BTW, history flunky. The GOP authored and supported the Civil Right Bill of 1964 WHILE the VAST majority of the black vote went to DEMOCRATS.

Update 8:

Cory, You mean the Jim Crow laws written by the Dixicrats? Yes. I am aware of them. I am also aware of which party wrote those despicable laws.

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    Their Southern Strategy nonsense makes no sense because Republicans in the 60s were actually supporting Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation even more than Dems were.

    Just Google the voting record of any Civil Rights bill of the era. You'll see more Republicans (as a percentage) voted for those bills than Democrats did.

    So why would Southern Democrat racists switch to the GOP when the GOP was even more in favor of Civil Rights? Simply makes no sense.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    are you guys in the Russian GRU having a debate about it ?

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    The non racist democrats left and joined the GOP ,while the DNC never changed

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    So southern states were always Republican? LOLOL. Northern cities and unions were always strongly supported by Democrats? LOLOLOLOL. Tell me how much you hate liberal Chicago and New York one more time con. Make my day. LOLOLOL

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  • Cory
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    1 year ago

    Ask the KKK what party they vote for now. Then look who their ancestors voted for before.

    Update: blacks voting wasn’t a thing until the late 1960s. What do you think MLK marching was for? Before then they didn’t count for a full person.

    Update 2:wait. You said blacks voted Democrat and AGAINST THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT. What are you smoking? MLK voted Republican.

    Update 3: to the guy commenting. Well ask anyone who voted in the 1960s who they vote for now. They’re still alive. I brought up the KKK because they overwhelmingly Republican today when they were Dems back then.

    Update 4: you know nothing of the Jim Crow Laws. You think blacks who had to use “colored a only” water fountains and weren’t allowed in the same schools got equal treatment at the polls? Do you know NOTHING about Selma? The whole reason MLK was killed.

    Update 5: yep those same dems who wave the confederate flag. That Republicans today celebrate.

  • Jeff S
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    1 year ago

    BS by right wing propaganda.

    Here's what you're ignoring;

    We're talking about Southern WHITE democrats switched after the civil rights act! You know the act making it illegal to intimidate black voters in the South!

    Instead you're whining about black voters!

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