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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 10 months ago

The best way to stop RadioShack demise was to gear to pseudoscience and free energy hobbyist?

RadioShack since the early 1990s looked down on hobbyist as adults with prolonged childhood and decided to gear up to cellphones. This caused RadioShack demise since any one can open a mobile store.

An example of tactics RadioShack should have done to save the company.

1. Manufacture the obsolete surface barrier transistor to aid hobbyist in building space time devices and handheld time travel devices.

2. Sell large sizes of tesla bifilar pancake coil

3. Sell all sizes of delta T antenna (Google Montauk project) to be used in opening time portals

4. Invent a machine which will easily turn magnet wire to a pancake coil.

5. Manufacture doped copper wire according to Tom Bearden's spec which will slow the electron drift velocity thus enabling the access of vacuum free energy. Sell pre rusted and pre doped copper wire which will exhibit non linearity thus enabling the access of time energy.

6. Manufacture the oscillating tuning fork of accutron tuning fork according to Richard Hoagland ideas and hook it to a data acquisition to enable the monitoring of ambient time energy by hobbyist.

7. Make a kit to teleport HIV virus the same way noble prize winner Montagnier did in the 2014 documentary.

8. Sell beetles wings as described in Grebbennikov CSE cavity structure effect so hobbyist can use it to build flying antigravity platforms similar to Grebbennikov anti gravity platform.

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  • 10 months ago
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    Radioshack is neither the first, nor the last, to follow the model of moving from supply of components to supplying consumer goods.

    Each of the others have subsequently failed and disappeared.

    I don't know if your model would have been sustainable though.

    The items are expensive specialist items and at low volume. This is usually better catered for via mail order.

    Radio shack wished to expand into the mainstream. But its expansion became its death knell.

    I can think of other industries where expansion has been the cause of the ultimate failure.

    Perhaps the key phrase is "a cobbler should stick to his last". Do what you do and do it well.

    But I am merely a humble customer of the store who no longer can get the things that were once available.

    No one actually wants to sell me the things I want to buy. But hey, it means that I get to save all my money.

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