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Why do people care so much about the age difference between Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend?

They are both consenting adults. Why does it matter so much?

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    I'll tell you why. He's had like 8 girlfriends over the last couple decades and he dumps them before they turn 26. The guy obviously has a fetish for younger women. These aren't true relationships, he's using them to satisfy his fetish.

    edit: Check out this chart:

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    Cause they are nosey a holes

  • 3 months ago

    I've been in his gf's shoes recently with an older man, so maybe I'm a hypocrite but I think Leonardo seems and looks like a major creep. He isn't hot or respectable to me. Just my opinion. A respectable actor is Milo Ventimiglia from This is Us

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    3 months ago

    Major age-difference implies wide variation in values, attitude and approach to life which in turn means that there is far greater risk of incompatibility in several matters of sharing life and living together....... by the way, incompatibility in sexual activities is perhaps the least of those

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  • He's a pedo that secretly messes with teens

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    3 months ago

    I could care less about Leonardo DiCraprio or his girlfriend.

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