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Today I looked online for a local diner with breakfast prices, I ate pancakes, but they cost $3.00 more than listed, is this a common thing?

This is not the first time it's happened to me and it's so frustrating. Instead of spending $12 for breakfast for two (I treated my mother), I ended up paying $18 plus tip. The diner was more pricy than others in my area, but I was mislead by the online menu, once again. Do I need to check the restaurant menu on several websites, including the delivery sites? Should I have mentioned it to the waitress? Has this happened to you?


I didn't leave the restaurant when the menu listed a higher price than the ooonline menu because we were already seated, but next time I will.

Update 2:

The restaurant doesn't have their own website, I looked at a delivery website for their prices.

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  • martin
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    You probably could have gotten off from the extra amount over the online listing, if you'd mentioned to the waitress and she OK'd it with the boss. In fact, they probably would've been very grateful to you for pointing this out to them, since they're in business and don't want to lose customers.

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    On-line menus are not always kept up to date. You can only rely on the prices on the menus in the restaurant. Mention it to the waitress, but that doesn't guarantee that they will update the on line menu.

  • denise
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    1 year ago

    Some diners / restaurants are slow in updating their online menu prices.

    Did you check if the pancake prices included topping prices?

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