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Should I buy a ps3 or ps4?

I just recently got into gaming. I love games with good graphics and a storyline such as Beyond two souls or Life is strange. ps3 is definitely cheaper than PS4 but I'm afraid it would be discontinued soon. However a lot of games I want to play is on PS3 though. I don't know what to do.

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    I would wait until the PS5 hits the shelf - the PS 4 games are backward compatible. The PS4 and PS4 Pro fan is noisy and is always kicking in and out of high speed - even after I have opened it and cleaned out all the dust.

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    PS4 if you have the money

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    The announcement of the PS5 is expected next year, woth details.

    Whats important to note with that, is that the PS4 will still be available after the 5 is out, just like the 3 is out now.

    Its the PS3 which is far more likely to be discontinued entirely once the PS5 is announced.

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    ps3 has horrable load times

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    PS4 is new you can likely get a good price with a package that includes a new game. If you buy new it starts with a factory warranty and you can rent games form Redbox

    If you buy a PS3 you should be able to pay less for used games. .

    I like the PS3 but since I have smart TV now bought a BlueRay player so the son who didn't move out can use it for video games and watching bluerays in the Homeoffice/library room

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    Ps4. Ps3 is like ancient, dude come on.

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      I'm not a dude. I'm a girl

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    get a refurbished or pre-owned ps3 as those won't break the bank and are becoming more and more available as people begin to sell their consoles to save up money for the "next big thing."

    There's no point to get a ps4 unless you have enough games on your mind that you'd like to play and exists on the ps4.

    You're right that the PS3 is on its way (if not already) to being discontinued, but that doesn't devalue how much fun you can get out of the console. That being said, if you're someone who really cares about graphics and need the HDR/4k experience, you won't get that on the ps3 (and to be honest not even the ps4 unless you go with the Pro which is unnecessarily expensive)

    But really, if you mean good graphics in the context of games that look good, you can get your fair share of them on the ps3. Just be mindful of the age of these games. Don't expect Death Stranding, Cyberpunk 2077, or Ghostwire: Tokyo levels of graphic immersiveness on a console that can barely open the Playstation Store.

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    Here’s what you can do if you want to play all PlayStation games from ps1 to ps5.

    Get the ps3 that’s backward compatible with ps2 games. All ps3 can play ps1 games. The problem is that you’ll have to buy it used and they’re getting mire and more rare by the day.

    Wait for the ps5 to come out as early as next year. It’ll be backward compatible with the ps4.

    If you don’t want to go that route, get the ps4. Most ps3 games are remade for the ps4. Shadow of the colossus, heavy rain, god of war 3, persona 5.

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    The PS3 has been discontinued for about 2 years now... The last game made for the PS3 was FIFA 19 (came out in late 2018). So you'll need to look online for a used console or a local place like CL or a yard sale.

    If the games you're interested in are primarily PS3 games, then it makes sense to buy a PS3. The PS4 is NOT backwards compatible with any previous PS games.

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