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What is the best cruise to go on in Hawaii around the Pacific?

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    Best travel deals in Hawaii

  • 12 months ago

    I flew to Hawaii and boarded Norwegian’s ‘Pride of America’ for a cruise around the islands for 7 days. But it only went to 4 of the islands. The ship was great, tho

  • Not many would do it! Hawaii is so far from anywhere that you need to be away from land for around 5 days each way from any ports worth visiting, so it will need to be at least 2 weeks or more to be worthwhile!

  • AJ
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    There are not many big name cruise line that are based out of hawaii. The cruises just the Hawaiian island have to be flagged/registered in the US

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    Bob's Big Boat

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    It depends on how much you want to spend, and what demographic you are looking for (families, no kids, older people, etc). The best way to research it is to go on a travel site like Expedia, and search on cruises in Hawaii. Sites like Expedia will have multiple cruise lines. Then go on cruisecritic.com, and research the individual ships.

    Some lines offer more activities than others. Many of the larger ships are basically floating amusement parks, with water slides, ice rinks, all sort of stuff. They appeal more to families and younger people. I like Celebrity. They don't have all that crap, but they have really good food, and interesting presentations and speakers.

    And then there's price. The high end lines like Silversea, Seaborne, etc are often all inclusive (excursions, booze, etc), but they are pricey. Carnival is generally cheapest, RCL and NCL a bit more, and Celebrity and Princess a bit more.

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