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Travel options: Honolulu, San Francisco, or Gatlinburg?

I’ve already visited San Francisco. But it was super nice stucco buildings and blue skies.

when traveling, I am all about the downtown areas. Which one of these three have the nicest downtowns and skies?


Thanks everyone. Let’s of good answers. Was tough choosing the best one.

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  • MS
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    10 months ago
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    Those are all pretty different places. If you've already been to SF, then I'd take it off your list. Gatlinburg is a mountain town - beautiful scenery, nice fresh air, and lots of things to see and do. BUT - it's a tourist town, and very commercialized. Honolulu is obviously a big city, but there are beaches all over the place, some of them quite amazing. It's really hard to tell you where to go - some people would love the opportunity to visit Hawaii and wouldn't ever consider Gatlinburg; others visit Gatlinburg regularly and have no desire to fly all the way to Hawaii.

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  • 10 months ago

    Honolulu since you've already been to San Francisco

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  • 10 months ago

    Gatlinburg, TN is a small town on the edge of Smokey Mountains National Park that is full of crappy tourist stores/restaurants/hotels. There is no skyline to speak of, however the SMNP is a beautiful destination if you like nature. If you like cities, Gaitlinburg won't do much for you.

    If you want to see what Gatlinburg looks like, go to Google maps and drop the street view icon roughly in the area where 441 and 321 intersect.

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  • 10 months ago

    I have no idea about Gatlinburg. SF - you've been there. Choose Honolulu - skies are hard to beat. The downtown area has some beautiful places to walk but that's more for the workforce at lunch time. You would probably have a hard time finding those places. Equal to the downtown areas in large cities, would be Waikiki - it's a vast expanse with plenty to look at. Browse the hotels, walk the beach, see the zoo, the aquarium - I'd love to do it all over again. Hawaii is magical. It really is.

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