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I am unhappily married and got a 12 years younger bf (i am 30,he s 28)... Plz don t bash me?

I need honest suggestions without getting mean and rude. I m not happily married but still living with my husband for the sake of kids. We are married for the past 13 years and my husband has always always cheated on me with different women. I caught him many times ,forgave him many times and gave chances but everytime he took it for granted. My heart is badly broken. We have no sexual life, no romance , no intimacy. I feel so lonely.Now I m with a guy who s 12 years younger than me , he says he loves me . He talks with me and treats me nicely,I also like his company and attention because those things are highly missing in my life . I try to b best mother for my kids but I just can t get over being lonely. I have never cheated on my husband before. This guy also came in my life coincidently. He s my husband s distant relative but I don t know why I felt like trusting him and getting closer to him. We have never been physical in our few short meetings but now he wants something more.. is this wrong to do ?is it wrong to b with a younger boy ? I know cheating is wrong but this is what my husband has done it since day one and pushed me away from him. Please don t judge me I m really worried and need an honest opinion.

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  • Jerry
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    Is it wrong to have an affair...not the best moral decision, but you're not the first if you have one. I was in your spot (male) and had several because of my own selfishness, but my concern is that the guy you want to be with is 18 and you're 30. It's the fact that he's still in his teens that will go against you. If there's nothing happening in bed at home and there's no love or emotional support, why not get a legal separation and if you want to be there for the could still live at the same address. Or, since you know he's played around and the situation is what it is, just come to some agreement that you're both free to "date" and let it go at that. Just be sure when or if you have that affair you're not kidding yourself about why, who, what could happen. If it's just for sexual satisfaction that's one thing, but if you get emotionally involved (sounds like you already have), think ahead to what that could lead to. If you and he have found an emotional connection, and he's 18...the sex will be mind blowing...realize what that could lead to. Document what your husband has done and when, should he decide he wants a divorce and acts like he's a saint in the process...

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      Sorry Jerry .typing mistake .I'm 40 and he's 28 n single.

  • Rick
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    If you stay for the kids' sake, you'll regret it and wish you hadn't. And your kids will see this. You're not happy because your husband has given many reasons not to be. Leave him but don't cheat on him because that could be used against you in the divorce.

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    You are not being a great role model for your children from what I can glean. Your relationship is your children's example, and you and your husband their models as wife and husband. Being a doormat is not a great model for them, is it? They will believe it to be normal - your actions, etc. are more influential than anything you tell them. I am sure that they would prefer a happy mother, but your new relationship rather smacks of desperation. Good Luck!

  • Pearl
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    4 months ago

    i wouldnt cheat like that

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  • 4 months ago

    I'm not judging, but Jesus Christ, get the hell out of your unhappy marriage. Your kids would be better off without seeing this, that's for sure.

    People do stupid things, make mistakes when they think they aren't strong enough to get out of something. Just get out. Do whatever you have to. Divorce your husband. You can get help and sort the rest out later, but taking yourself and your kids out and away from this should be #1 priority.

  • Mark
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    4 months ago

    If you're 30 and he's 28, that's not a 12 year difference.

    <Please don t judge me I m really worried and need an honest opinion.

    Oh, but I will; you're bad at math and you might think you're hilarious, but you're just wasting people's time.

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