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Why do you think trump supporters refuse to acknowledge the following with regards to trump’s immigration policies:?

Please wait till all 16 points are posted before answering I know it is multiple updates.

1. Mexico never paid for the wall and the border wall is costing tax payers money

2. Trump’s ancestors and the ancestors of trump’s cabinet would not meet the new criteria trump administration is trying to have implemented for immigrating to the US

3. From a religious standpoint Jesus Christ was a refugee

4. Many of the pilgrims that came to the US from Europe where religious refugees.

5. Eliminating DACA makes the workforce and military weaker because employers and military have all stated that DACA receptions are an asset

6. The DACA program stimulates the economy because it is not a free program that includes a vetting process and yearly fees. For those extremely naïve individuals who say we are awarding someone for breaking the law with the law than they should be okay with the children of white collar criminals, descendants of bootleggers, slave owners should all be persecuted for the wealth they inherited from the criminal/ immoral acts of their descendants.

7. If the trump administration tries to do too much with regards to immigration and they lack logistics it will end up meaning they over extended themselves and implemented a costly ineffective plan. It is better to focus on border security and implement a vetting process with individuals that are currently here undocumented.


8. A vetting process with individuals that are currently here undocumented would stimulate the economy , give accountability and be more intense than what someone would undergo if they came here legally from another country and from a strategic standpoint if you are unwilling to have a perceived liability into an asset it shows that you are motivated by hate.

Update 2:

8-- continued-- Being so motivated by hate that you are willing to spend more money to disenfranchise an already vulnerable population than benefit from the economy being stimulated then you are short sighted

Update 3:

9. . If people are held in the border in humanely conditions that coincide with international laws than the sad reality is that is an improvement on the standard of living for many disenfranchised individuals and it will not discourage individuals from coming here undocumented.

10 If individuals are not treated humanely when detained at the border it violates international law.

Update 4:

11. It cost money to house individuals detained and the unnecessary deaths are concerning. The fact that the detention facilities get over $700 for a child detained at the border and similar amounts for adults and these individuals are denied basic amenities needed for ensuring appropriate care should be concerning. Think of all the unnecessary deaths of children detained in facilitates at the border

Update 5:

12. No system of detention/ incarceration is perfect and in time at least one innocent person has been wrongfully placed in a detention/ incarceration facility. When this does happen and it is brought to light the inappropriate treatment and costly law suits it should discouraged from continuing the mistreatment of individuals detained at the border.

Update 6:

13. When you have several doctors, social workers, investigating personal, congressmen and representatives going to the faculties and reporting the inappropriate treatment it should be alarming.

Update 7:

14. Advocating to change some military bases that are in Europe to central America and advocating to allow the military to patrol the border would make a difference. Yes it would need to be approve by congress and laws would need to change but this would make a difference.

Update 8:

It is important to realize that the majority of individuals that come hear undocumented and asylum seekers that come hear undocumented are coming here for a sense of empowerment and prosperity.

Update 9:

If it is a prerequisite to abide by a vetting process and employers that do not adhere to the prerequisite process of employing individuals that are not documented if they are fined several thousands of dollars and publicly shamed like the way johns are when the attempt to solicit a prostitute than that will discourage anyone from not following proper employment protocol. I know the trump administration would not be in favor of it sense he has hired many undocumented

Update 10:

15. continued---individuals in the past.

Update 11:

16. Simply glorifying a detention center and doing a few deportations does not discourage an individual from coming here undocumented. If the incentive of possible prosperity is removed that would discourage someone from coming.

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    Thank you for re posting my question. It is pathetic that one jerk keeps changing the category because they are insecure. I am glad you mentioned how these are strong facts trump supporters refuse to acknowledge

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