What is the difference between a note a tone and a pitch?

I'm learning music theory ans i didn't understand very well, please be clear

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  • 3 months ago
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    A note is the written representation of a pitch. It can also be amended to show dynamics, articulation, etc. - but in its basis from, just show you what PITCH to play. A pitch is the letter name - or frequency per second - of a particular musical sound. A musician would say "A, above middle C" - and a scientist would say A-440 (meaning it is vibrating at 440 cycles a second) .Although used interchangeably - which these 3 terms often erroneously are - TONE refers to the distinct quality or *flavor* of the pitch/note. A flute playing the same pitch as a clarinet, will still be perceived as a different instrument, because they have have different tone quality - sometimes called timbre.

    You will often hear people use these three terms as they wish - as long as everyone understands the conversation, no problem. But it is good to know that they DO have different meanings.

  • 3 months ago

    The pitch is the basic frequency of the note. The tone is quality of the note. So the pitch of a $100 violin and $1,000,000 violin will be the same (e.g. they are both playing an A or a G). But the tone will be very different. The expensive violin will have a much more rich sound.

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