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What is it like being mixed race in Germany?

I’m mixed race (Irish and Ivorian- country in Africa) and have grown up in the United States. My husband is German and we would like to move to Germany to be near his family. We are expecting a child and would like to live somewhere in Bavaria. I’ve never experienced any outright racism visiting Germany or in the U.S but I am always wary because it’s a different situation all together when visiting a country and permanently living there. Is the Bavaria region tolerant? Where would you suggest living in the area?

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    You will be seen as American first, and whatever ethnicity second. That may be good or bad- some Germans are not fond of Americans, either. But a lot of what is perceived as racism is really classism, and the ire of the right in Germany is focused mostly on Muslim immigrants right now. Just as in the US, conservatives somehow fear that immigrants will displace them- take their jobs and whatever they've achieved. You will not be seen that way.

    Here's an example of what I mean- I have read that representatives from African countries to the UN in New York have learned that they are treated better if they wear some garment that identifies them as African- the colorful shoulder shawl or the hat- even if they wouldn't wear those back home. The racism is against poor blacks in the US, and when the reps are seen as affluent enough to be traveling to New York, and probably as UN representatives, they are much more respected. It's about social class, not race.

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  • 9 months ago

    Not very German.

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    Germans actually like black people. Especially black women are much welcome.

    It depends, on the area you are going and your personality, how you behave.

    You should avoid going to the east of Germany. That might be dangerous for you.

    The only (at least rudimentary) save place in the east might be Berlin.

    You are asking for Bavaria ? Hmm.. ok.. Bavaria is not as dangerous as the east german region. But you are also asking for a tolerant place.

    I know nice and friendly people from Bavaria, but I also know that Bavaria is the most conservative region of Germany.

    So you will not live in danger in Bavaria, but you might be a bit insulated.

    My recommendation would be = Hamburg, Bremen or Hannover

    Outside of Germany but nearby my recommendation would be = Amsterdam or Copenhagen

    Good luck

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  • Zirp
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    12 months ago

    Depends on how fluent you are in German.

    In general, most europeans don't pretend that humans come in races

    Yes, YOU will be considered an "ami", not an ivorian or irish

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    I'm sorry to tell you this, but when there is a sharp rise in left sided politics, there is ALWAYS a sharp rise in right sided politics too!

    That little boy and his mother who was pushed in front of a train in Germany earlier was done so by an immigrant, and as I explained above, more incidents that involve immigrants and the indigenous population, the more immigrants are hated.

    The world is bubbling under the surface again as it did before in ww2. Nowhere is 100% safe any more.

    My advice is, go there for a holiday and see how safe you feel.

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