I have a 40 inch aoc gaming monitor mainly used for PS4 with Bose speakers attached.?

The sound is great but I need louder speakers or maybe a sound bar. Any recommendations?

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  • 11 months ago


    the sound you're getting is NOT great,

    a fact you would quickly verify

    if you heard better speakers compared side-by-side to what you have now.

    I would use a stereo or surround-sound receiver

    and a pair of decent speakers with woofers no smaller than 6 inches.

    8-inch woofers would be better, if only a little.

    To be specific, "decent" speakers will cost at least $125 each new;

    the lowest grade anyone should willingly accept cost at least $200 each.

    Used equipment can be found for considerably less money,

    but it is a good idea to know what you are looking at

    or take someone along who does.

    The first step in this endeavour is to learn what kind of

    audio connections you have to work with.

    There is no good in buying anything that for some reason

    can't be connected to the desired source.

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