How to get to Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx NY.?

I need to get from Boston to the Montefiore Medical Center (3316 Rochambeau Av) in the Bronx and stay somewhere overnight, see a doctor in the AM then return.

AMTRAK is difficult, and there are no hotels in the area. Can anyone help with information? I think AMTRAK to Stamford CT then metro to the Bronx somewhere?

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  • 6 months ago
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    That is one way. You could start by taking Amtrak from Boston to Stamford. In Stamford, you can get on the Metro-North New Haven line which takes you to places where you can get a bus or train to the Bronx.

    You could take Amtrak from Boston to Stamford, then take a Metro-North train from Stamford to Fordham, and then take the Bx34 along Bainbridge Ave from Fordham Road to near your destination. Or you could take Amtrak from Boston to Stamford, then take a Metro-North New Haven line train from Stamford to either 125 St or Grand Central. From either of those places, you can either take a Metro-North Harlem line train to Williams Bridge or take the #4 subway to Mosholu Pkwy. You walk from the Williams Bridge station or the Mosholu Pkwy station to your destination.

    Another option is to stay on Amtrak to Penn Station in Manhattan and walk a few blocks east to Park Avenue or take a bus from Boston to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan and and walk a few blocks east to Grand Central. You can take the #4 subway to Mosholu Pkwy and walk from there. This is somewhat simpler and gives you more choices for hotels, but the hotels will be very expensive. Your idea might be better because hotels outside of Manhattan are likely to be cheaper.

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