why are there so many street bands in European city centers playing American music and Jazz etc?

even stuff like country music too? yuk? I don't want to fly over to Rome, Italy and hear old American pop favourites being played while I am there trying to enjoy Italian culture. why do they do it?


but why do they play that crap in the tourist areas? and what do you mean? avoid Italy altogether? (as it is a "tourist destination)

Update 2:

so what kind of dum azzes like to fly to another country and want to expierience their own culture ?

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    Mostly because most popular music appeals to the baser elements of human nature - and this is constant across cultures. Why did the US originate many of these musical genres? IMO, this is linked to the obsession that Americans have with violence and acting out anger/revenge.

  • 1 year ago

    Music, along with movies and tv, comprise one of the major exports of the US. The music is in demand because it's good. I've traveled to places like China and Thailand, and still heard mostly US music in the restaurants and on the streets. it's something to be proud of.

  • Brian
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    1 year ago

    Europe isn't mono cultural, like the rest of the world we take things from other cultures and would sneer at a ridiculous term like cultural appropriation, which would mean only the Japanese can enjoy Karaoke, onlyThai people can practice Muy Thai, only Caribbean folks can enjoy reggae music, and only Latin American folks can wear a poncho.Unfortunatley for an American looking for a foreign non American cultural experience, it can be hard to not trip over Americana.I'm from the UK, i remember being in Uganda on a quiet spot next to the river nile, when a local woman washing clothes in the river started belting out a Beyonce song, i seen motorcycle taxis in Africa and Asia with British football club emblems all over them too, thats globalisation.Here in Scotland you can walk through a city centre and hear anything from Scottish bagpipes to Carribean steel drums, South American pan pipes or some Roma gypsy number on an accordion, In the Philippines you will have Amerikano shouted at you in the street if your white and taxi drivers would joke where we going man Los Angeles, even though Los Angeles is thousands of miles from my hometown in Scotland.

  • 1 year ago

    Jazz the great American cultural contribution to the world.

    Played world wide.

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  • TB12
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    1 year ago

    Well,, for one, it's the music the people want to hear, so it's the music the local musicians are going to play,, you give the audience what they want.

    Two, this is nothing new, jazz has been popular in Europe since the turn of the century,, even some of the great European composers of the time, like Ravel, incorporated some elements of jazz into their works,, many of the most popular and successful European rock and roll bands had very strong and noticeable blues roots in their music,, and believe it or not American country western music has a big following in Europe, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and many others played to sold out crowds on European tours.

    And third, if you want to hear the local stuff,, it's not that hard to find, when I was living in Germany there was always a folk festival going on somewhere close that featured local groups playing traditional German folk music, or if you're into something a little more classic a performance of Wagner or Mozart was easy to find.

    And fourth,, music is universal, who cares where it originated, if it's good, it's good,, people will want to listen to it.

  • 1 year ago

    if no one there liked it, they wouldn't be playing. Keep in mind that you don't make money playing on the street if no one likes what you are playing.


  • 1 year ago

    If you want to enjoy Italian culture, avoid the tourist destinations.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    because everyone wants to go to Hollywood, they want to make it in the neighborhood

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