is there something wrong with my portable dvd player for my macbook?

so ever since this morning i started watching westworld season 1 on it and when i would go to rewind a part i missed and wanted to see since missed it it would rewind but then the whole screen would freeze and the portable dvd player i noticed along time ago when i first got it has a green light that was on it to show it was on and then when i looked at it this time it was blinking and then just completely went away almost like it was off. the kind i have is a lg portable blu ray dvd player. does anyone know whats wrong with it. it just started this morning when i started watching an episode of westworld season 1


should i get a new portable dvd player for my macbook since it might be broken or is it ok and i should just take a break from using it for a while

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  • 7 months ago

    Disc players do not "rewind",

    nor do they "fast forward".

    They "search" either forward or back.

    It is possible that the parts that drive the laser across the disc are sticky

    or that a plastic gear has cracked.

    Both of these failures are very common.

    There are a few other things that could happen.

    Take it to a video repair shop that provides free estimates.

    • Anonymous7 months agoReport

      ok thank you where do you think would be the best repair shop to go to

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