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Do you think this job should require this degree?

Okay true story; at a multi-campus Community College;

their Computer Lab/Technology Center and Library are merged into one department, called the "Learning Commons."

At one campus --- when they hired the department's Dean --- the hiring committee made a special rule that the job requires a Master's of Library and Information Science.

At another campus --- they basically just said the job requires a Master's degree (in any field.)

I guess I see both sides to this ---

on one hand, it's a Library -- duh, a Library Science degree is the most relevant.

but it's more than a library, with it being a combined "Learning Commons" should open the door to people from other fields, like those with degrees in Business, or Technology...(although in this case they chose someone with a Psychology degree)

Do you see a Library & Information Science degree being a little too "traditional" in a place that embraces modern-like innovation?

or do you a Library degree should be a requirement for this job?

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    Library & Information Science degree makes the most sense. MLS (or MLIS) degrees now are very heavy on computers, networking, etc. Your info on MLS/MLIS degrees is all that is outdated.

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    6 months ago

    A Library and Information Science degree is a modern and innovative degree. People with this degree usually have coursework in computers, computer networking, and programming, as well as specialized courses in databases and information storage and retrieval. It's a fairly complex and technology-oriented field. A Business degree would be worthless in a case like this. A Computer Science degree might be okay, but given the specialized nature of the job it would also probably require someone with a minor in Psychology or Sociology.

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  • 6 months ago

    I think the priority part of this is the library bit. Nowadays 13 year olds can run a computer network, the same can't be said for running a library.

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