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Isn't Ilhan Omar and her band of angels correct that the U.S. is the worst country for black, half black and brown people?

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    Viewers of CNN, MSMBC, NBC, the View..., those who follow progressive celebrities, & politicians will most likely feel that way.

    In North Africa & In North Africa and Sub Sahara Africa. Sub Saharans Africans are at the bottom of favorability, but it's not primarily about skin tone. It's also about behavior, not having to have created a written language and build great civilizations independently that rivals other great civilizations. Sub Saharan Africans would be below East Indians in N. Africa & the middle east. In sub Sahara Africa it's the same, defending on tribal affiliation. In the USA sub Saharan descent are patronized and very privilege that films are re-casting (tokenizing) European descent character roles into a sub Saharan descent, civil rights, affirmative action, gov. assistance & charities put them above all groups and sub Saharan African immigrants are taking advantage of those privileges. Water attacks, East Asian & Polar Bear Hunting exposes how bigoted Sub Saharan descents truly are. Sub Saharans just makes it more difficult to be trusted despite all the patronizing entitlements, privileges and sympathies directed at Sub Saharan descents, even if Hollywood keeps hiding Sub Saharan nature in the name of SJW PC. A sub Saharan immigrant couple in Texas even decided to bring their African slave to Texas. How sub Saharan descents in the U.S. mostly behaves constantly demanding special privileges isn't seen in a good light in S. Asia, Arab states, & the rest of the non-western world. listed the top 5: India, Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt ...

    China, Taiwan, Japan, Western Europe & the U.S. didn't make the top 20 list. Tribalism, exist in every nation in the world. Asian countries in the top 20 have very deep tribal prejudice & are no country for natives not in power (minority or majority) & foreigners (Chinese are more hated than the Japanese despite WWII). Japan is the most hospitable & patronizing country in Asia, if not the world, towards foreigners, but doesn't necessarily mean they trust foreigners hanging out in large groups, and certainly don't want to be overrun by any foreign groups exceeding 1% of the Japanese population. Mainland China is the 2nd most hospitable and probably wants to keep their Homogeneity above 90%. Hong Kong having a much higher percentage of foreigners than Mainland China isn't as hospitable to foreigners or mainlanders.

    India isn't a very pleasant country, but Lebanon, Bahrain, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Nigeria, S. Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, & Yemen are equally, if not more unpleasant for sub-Saharan descent & South East Asian Pacific. The Slave Culture is still alive in Islamic states throughout the middle east trough Immigrant Sponsorship with immigrants usually unpaid, abused, raped & beheaded. Slavery is pretty much hidden throughout the Sahel & Islamist like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram wants to revived it out in the Open. Among Sub Saharan republics (Nigeria, Congo, Kenya...) Traditional Slavery still exist. Slaves weren't just obtained through warfare & raiding campaigns which also involved rape & mutilations, but also offering ones virgin tween daughter as payment for an offense to another family or spirits for which the spiritual leader receives the pubescent girl as his slave in labor & sex. Child trafficking is huge business in the Sahel, N Africa, Nigeria, Arabian Peninsula...

    Before the Portuguese sailed around Africa & set up trading ports with costal Bush kingdoms. Africa was the worst continent for Sub Saharans. Tribal warfare controlled population through sacrificial ceremonies that may involved having to consume sacrificial offerings, a practice that still exist. Joshua Milton Blayhi (Gen. Butt Naked) being notorious for conducting these sacrificial ceremonies as its High Priest in Liberia (VICE: Cannibal Warlords). In Tanzania Albino's, mostly children, are killed for their body parts as charms, souvenirs, & even consumed in the same manner that Gorilla hands and feet are sold as charms or souvenirs, the rest being consumed in the beliefs of gaining some powers like Black Panther's heart of herb

    With the arrival of Arabs (1000CE-1100CE) in the interior of Sub Sahara then Europeans (1500CE), it became more profitable for Sub Saharan bush kingdoms to sell rival bush kingdoms, tribes, criminals, & peasantry. After abolition of slavery swept Europe, N. Americas, then central & S. America 30-40 years later, Sub Saharan Bush Kingdoms, later republics, still had a reliable slave trading partner with Arab & Arabize nations for another 100-140 years (Saudi Arabia (1964), UAE (64), Zanzibar (64), Mauritania 2007).

    Europe tried to develop Sub Sahara Africa with their tech, medicine, writing/documentation & system of governance. Now China is trying to finish where Europeans left off. But what Sub Saharan Africans truly need to be successful is to have a majority (75%-80% at the most, if not 100%) of the population responsible, self reliant/independent, accountable, honest, honorable & moderately controlled population growth which is necessary for stability & prosperity of 3rd world countries. The same attribute is needed for Caribbean Island Nations or territories as well, whose Sub Saharan descent population completely replaced/wiped out the untamed indigenous population with their tropical African diseases (smallpox) or died out due to competition for food & land resources.

    Entitled Donald Glover, Jussie Smollet & Colin kaepernick will always complain about how oppressed they are to enrich themselves. Ilhan Omar sees how these entitled sub Saharan descent plays the race bait game & wish to take advantage of all the patronizing & special privilege she can harness. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is more oppressed than Ilhan Omar in Somalia, Europe, or America by Muslims. Ayaan Hirsi Ali experienced how African society isn't a free society under Arabs in N. Africa or Sub Saharan Bantus or Igbos in Sub Sahara Africa (West, East, Central, & S. Africa). Ilhan Omar Arrogantly proclaiming she's home doesn't make any country home simply because an immigrant wants to take advantage of it, if not usurp it. A country becomes home when immigrants recognized & embraced its founding, its founders, system of government, its constitution, its bill of right for all not for oneself & its generosity to be apart of & contribute. Ilhan Omar's words & action is arguing that the US caused Somali immigrants to Join ISIS. Her support of Somali ISIS fighter showed who & others like her is loyal to. Immigrants trying to undermine, take advantage or usurp a country pretty much tells where ones loyalties lies. This is primarily why non western countries wishes to keep their Homogeneity & just worry about their own tribal differences & prejudice.

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    Description of Sub Saharans in Arab and Iranian Islamic writings.

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    Why is she here?

  • Yes, much worse than Somalia

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    Is this any way for you to spend a Saturday? Don't you have anything better to do today? I'm retired and heading out to enjoy the sunshine in a few minutes

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  • Were that true, why did her family seek refuge here from Somalia?

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    I think they are pandering to self-described victims.

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