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I’ve started a new job as a receptionist. How can I speak more professionally?

I am from Latvia and my English is not very perfect. I have started a temp role as an Receptionist. I don’t know the appropriate way to greet people. Also, if someone comes into reception to meet up with one of the managers or anyone else working in the office, when I call them up I don’t know how to say that there is someone waiting downstairs for them.

Or is it okay to call up the extension to speak to whoever and say you have a guest waiting in reception for you?

Also, on Friday we have a fire alarm and I have to send message to everyone to say there is a fire alarm test but no one needs to leave building unless it’s real fire. So how can I say that?

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    The company you're working for should be able to tell what is typical for letting someone know there is a guest in reception. "Mr. Smith, so-and-so is waiting for you in reception" should be fine. Be sure to give the person's name.

    To greet people, "How can I help you?" is standard.

    For the fire alarm, say something like "There will be a test of the fire alarm system on Friday. This is just a test, not a drill. You do not need to leave the building."

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    learn english then the thick accent is not attractive

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    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

    On parting 'Good Bye , or Good Night.

    Sir / Madam / Miss

    Do not use first/christian names unless invited to do so.

    So if a visitor arrives at your counter. You would say ;_


    'Good morning. '

    What can I do for you. Sir?'

    On leaving/departing ;_

    'Good Bye. Mrs Smith.' (If the name is known.)

    The English language is full of more casual greetings and farewells. such as ' Hi' , 'Morning'. ,Tat ta. Bye, . However, don't use them, unless you are very familiar with the person.

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    Well for a start say something like "Good morning, Sir", NOT "watcha mate". Answer the phone saying "how may I help you" NOt "what!",

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    Actually you are already saying it OK in what you have written.

    You can ask the guest their name and then you can say on the internal phone: Hello. "Can I speak with Mr X in the Y Department?". If it is them they will say "Speaking". The you can say "We have a Mr Z waiting for you in reception." You can then say "Please take a seat, Mr X will be with you soon." or if you have permission to do so tell them how they can get to Mr X's office. In larger firms you will need to sign guests in and give them a security badge, then sign them out when they leave.

    Your office manager should explain the procedure.

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    6 months ago

    You ask your manager for training in all these things, it should not be left to you to figure it out.

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    You just said it. Why do you think you would say anything different than someone is waiting to see them downstairs? And why would they have hired someone that cannot speak properly to be a receptionist?

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