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Why do I associate him with the sky, love, all the good things in the world?

I dell for a guy who is a street seller. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair one can ever see. He is often sad and has a deceived absent look on his face, his eyes lit up when he saw me and when my mom said he was a nice guy for helping his parents. I see him like an angel and consider him the beginning and the end of all things, like life had brought me here just to meet him. I never felt such an attraction and admiration for someone the way I felt for him. If you ask me to choose between him and an actor, musicial , favourite sport player etc...or popular cute guy in town I would choose him without thinking. It's like we wer meant to be, just his eyes looking into mine remind me of the sky, the summer, all the beautiful things, compassion, love, affection, fate..they somehow remind me of religious/philosophic things. Why?

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    You are projecting things onto him because you are infatuated with him.

    It's not uncommon.

    If you got to know him, you'd find he is a typical person with both positive and negative personality traits.

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    You should join a writing class, maybe they'd appreciate this or better yet, get more ideas.

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    You need to talk to a therapist, you need help.

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