Do you agree USA won't interfere in Israel when Jews are not powerful in USA?

Powerful means a lot of things. Now, even having a business in USA or do finance in private sectors cause you be called powerful, while, you are not indeed powerful among people of there. In that terms, even those who can't afford themselves independently are more powerful. I think even Media owners are weak compared to these religious groups.

US is increasingly stalking business practices & activities of Israel & it wants to harm Israel in order to have less competitors by so-called use of US parts Or security concerns Or US money poured into those projects Or the infringement of Copyright - mostly baseless. In this way, everything that can't be made in Israel will be made in China soon.

Of course, this is not my question here. Ask again: Do you think these behaviors of US govt can be stopped in some other way? They abuse their power in economy when that's something not ethical & not welcomed & not related...


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    Mostafa, Hi.

    I have follow story of Israel since 1967, and learned a lot.

    Here are major points for your question.

    I don't think Jews as ethnic group greatly influences any Israel allies.

    Historically in 1948, when Israel creation was officially confirmed by the United Nations,

    USA betrayed Israel when issued Weapons embargo to the Middle East. That was death warrant for the baby state, while British continue supply weapons to Arab countries. At that time Communist Russia with Stalin supported Israel. Weapons from Czech Republic saved Israel.

    After suddenly when Naser took over the Suez Canal, British and French became Israel allies. But in 1967, Israel stood alone. French stopped to supply weapons to Israel.

    And standing alone let Israel to achieve her greatest victory.

    Only after 1967 Victory USA started supporting Israel both financially and with American high quality weapons.

    And Israel was worth every penny. In Cold War Israel was the only Western power victorious against numerically superior enemy, armed by Russians. Israel has a large part in our victory in the Cold War. Israel never was alone in the Middle East.

    It amazing to see how Muslim states support to Israel have changed with the time:

    First Iran was the best ally of Israel. After Turkey. Today many Sunny Arab states.

    As you see, Jews as minority did not do much for Israel.

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