So, If Russia had access to the election system information that means they had access to all voter information?

Since voter registration is connected with DMV information which is basically most of our information. I'm wondering how many fake I.D.'s are swarming out there? I wonder if they are used to open accounts or to hide trafficking? It's concerning because rare is the case that one opens the cookie jar to look at the cookies? Thoughts?

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  • 7 months ago
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    Yes, "red2queen," Russian MAFIA under Putin's control has systematically hacked into our personal data and into our electronic voting machines, but they were probably inspired by the long-term power-lusting cheats of the Koch brother oil barons Charles and David and their secret Koch Donor Network funding the radicalized anti-democracy right-wing extremism of the GOP since the 1980s ("DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right" 2017 by Jane Mayer).

    Remember when the Yahoo website had all of its data stolen? That was tracked to Russian saboteurs. Remember after the Koch-backed Citizens United disaster "law" passed that allowed unlimited anonymous dollars to flow into our political system with a 5/4 Supreme Court ERRORNEOUS vote? That was when foreign money began flooding anonymously into the D.C.-based Chamber of Commerce controlled by the Republican party. There was a secret three-way data replication transfer set up out of Jared Kushner's Trump Tower office between Russia's ALFA BANK, the Michigan-based DeVos-owned SPECTRUM HEALTH, and TRUMP TOWER that was tracked by computer whiz "Tea Pain" (see his website) which operated below detection to send medical data through SPECTRUM on to ALFA BANK---a site that abruptly shut down once it was detected. I'd like to know more about this data replication scheme. The now-imprisoned traitor Paul Manafort gave VOTER POLLING DATA to Russian military spies, so what was in that polling data? We have Russians living as Americans, infiltrating radicalized right-wing groups and agencies like the NRA, just as happened all during the Cold War days.

    If you look up you will discover that the alt-right Koch-created extremism of the GOP has used hacking into our vote-counting and voter registration systems since at least the early 1990s, the most recent dirty-trick effort called "fractionalized voting" through the for-profit GOP-created GEMS Election Monitoring System, wherein a DECIMAL POINT is inserted when counting Black, Hispanic, or heavily Democratic districts votes! By surreptitiously inserting that hard-to-detect DECIMAL POINT, Democrats' votes in GOP-governed states where GEMS is used cuts the count by ONE-FOURTH (four votes are counted as only one vote, as with four quarters adding up to only one dollar)! This GEMS contractor operates under other trade names for camouflage, one of the names the GW-helping DIEBOLD from 2001 that flipped votes for Al Gore to a GW vote in at least two states. So how come Senate Majority Leader (for now) Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has blocked voting machine security legislation that passed the House? What's in it for him? Does he and his Trump-employee wife Elaine Chao benefit from Russian dollars or Koch bribes?

    I hope Americans wake up to the dangers of GOP and Russian hacking!

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  • 7 months ago

    Voter registration is NOT necessarily connected to DMV info in any way, even if people register to vote through DMV, that data goes into separate database. Since the election voting & vote counting system is not connected to internet or anything, it is impossible for Russians or anyone else to rig the vote remotely.

    The biggest problem with voter fraud in the US is illegal aliens who vote illegally. Note the Dems are not doing anything to prevent that!

    Source(s): pollworker; assistant registrar of voters
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    • Doris
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      Numerous investigations by Republicans have found almost no election fraud. When it's been found recently, it was from Republicans who sent in fake absentee ballots. Or someone voted twice, but they were citizens, not illegal aliens. Try to at least keep up with factual information, ibu guru.

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