What does GFS, TFS mean?

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    Acronym Definition.

    TFS The Fashion Spot (website)

    TFS Team Foundation Server (Microsoft Visual Source Safe)

    TFS Team Four Star (anime)

    TFS Thanks for Sharing

    TFS Trial Form Support (Finland)

    TFS Toyota Financial Services

    TFS The Forum Site (online forum)

    TFS Texas Forest Service (Texas A&M University)

    TFS Tactical Fighter Squadron

    TFS Training for Success (various locations)

    TFS The Filling Station (various organizations)

    TFS Tools for Schools (various organizations)

    TFS Toll Free Service

    TFS Transport Formats

    TFS Team Foundation Server

    TFS Temporary File System

    TFS Turbo Profiler Statistics

    TFS Trunk Forecasting System

    TFS The Final Stand (gaming)

    TFS Téléformation et Savoirs (French: Distance Learning and Knowledge)

    TFS Texas Folklore Society (est. 1909)

    TFS Tin Free Steel

    TFS The Far Side (Gary Larson comic)

    TFS Textron Fastening Systems (various locations)

    TFS Tradition Financial Services (South Africa)

    TFS Toronto French School

    TFS Tropical Forestry Services (Washington)

    TFS Three-Five Systems Inc. (stock symbol)

    TFS Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc (Waltham, Massachusetts)

    TFS Top Floor Studio (various locations)

    TFS Technical Field Service (various companies)

    TFS The Food Section

    TFS Tobacco-Free School

    TFS Tokyo Freight Services (Tokyo, Japan)

    TFS Translucent File System (networked file system that provides copy-on-write, used for shared code)

    TFS Three Finger Salute (Keyboard Reset)

    TFS Trust and Fiduciary Services (various locations)

    TFS Toll Free Service (VOIP)

    TFS Thermal Fluid System

    TFS Toronto Fire Service (Canada)

    TFS Two-Finger Salute

    TFS Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Reina Sofia (Airport Code)

    TFS Total Force Structure

    TFS Tramway Français Standard (tramcar; France)

    TFS Tuning Fork Set

    TFS Traffic Flow Security

    TFS Tactical Forecast System

    TFS Transversal Filtering Section (electrical engineering)

    TFS The Fallout Shelter (web forum)

    TFS Tiny File System

    TFS Transmit Frame Sync

    TFS The Fertile Soul

    TFS The Fairy Society (fairy art sales)

    TFS Toward Full Stature (Virginial Episcopal School program)

    TFS The Four Swords (Nintendo Zelda video game)

    TFS Temporal Fine Structure

    TFS Trusted File Server

    TFS Tactical Fuel System

    TFS Task Force Switzerland (gaming clan)

    TFS Technical Field Support

    TFS That's Funny Stuff (polite form)

    TFS Technology for Success (Tennessee)

    TFS Terminal Fix System

    TFS Tropospheric Forward Scatter

    TFS Target Firing Solution

    TFS Tactical Feasibility Study

    TFS Treasury Fiscal System

    TFS True Full Specification

    TFS Tactical Fielding Strategy (program management)

    TFS Technoforming System (bike design; Merida)

    TFS Traffic by Flight Stage Data (ICAO)

    TFS Truss-Framed System

    TFS Truncated Fibrobacter Succinogenes

    TFS Trench Field Stop (semiconductor)

    TFS Total Freight Solutions (France)

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  • 12 months ago

    Who knows? I certainly don't. People shouldn't write abbreviations on here because most times nobody knows what they means

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Gay at first sight

    Criminal at first sight

  • User
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    GFS - Gargoyles Frighten Surfers

    TFS - Tsunamis Frighten Surfers

    These are two of the basic principles of surfing.

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