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In the upper class gentry of Edwardian England what guns did they keep in the gunroom?

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    Rook rifles, shotguns and likely some 'stalking guns' based on Martini actions. Single shot rifles, double barreled shotguns with some outside hammer model still popular. IF upper class had interest in Africa or indian big game, then the double rifle of 9.5 mm or larger. Edwardian timeline as 1900 to 1910 or outbreak of great war was just after transition to smokeless powders, start of repeating rifles. Upper class gentry- source of army officers which means some knowledge of military standards, Boer War demonstration of Mauser repeater. Rigby was Mauser distributor/dealer .and .275 Rigby was the basic 7mm mauser as a 'sporter. Lee- Speed was number 3 action with sporter stock, many made in 315 BSA instead of .303 due to British laws about military calibers restricted in civilian hands. Pocket pistols- small Colts, Brownings in 7.65 or .25, Revolvers from Webley & Scott with some larger american made revolvers in .455, .38, .32 and various .22. Small Martini actions in .22 to .360 Rook for target shooting and small game on estates. Some of older black powder arms would be available- early .44 rimfire cartridge revolvers made in England as Adams, Buemonts, some of French/belgium pinfires and some muzzle loaders available as family heirlooms that could still function for hunting, pest control. Westly Richards monkey tails and Witworth target models for blackpowder , loose bullets were popular to first couple years of Great War for some hunting and target practice, matched pairs of muzzle loading shotguns for driven game birds could harvest just as well as cartridge shotguns and were in use in WW2 by home guard, had been used WW1 for game when newer cartridges were short supply and were noted in use at Scotlands hunting season grounds when royal family was shooting. Town house gunroom would have home protection guns, some sporting/target guns depending on gun range available and possible hunting interests, farm estates available. Reserve army/navy officer would have their service revolvers- .455 cartridge Webleys, or earlier Adams, Enfields, London made colts, couple shotguns mostly 12 bore. and maybe rifle in service caliber. Country gun rooms- more hunting and game keepers guns- a poachers gun maybe, stalking and rook rifles with Martini actions and break open, shotguns both cartridge and muzzle loaders from previous generation. A few of newest Luger or browning pistols or Webley 7.65 , .25 self loaders would be possible. .

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